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What is Your Dog Breed’s Average Neck Size?

Ever wonder what the neck size of your pup was and how it compares to other dogs? Or maybe you got a new dog and need to know what size collar to get for him?

Search for your dog breed to find the right size collar for your pup. If your dog’s breed is missing, let us know with a comment below and we’ll add it to the list. Thanks!

  • AFGHAN 16-22″; 58-64 LBS
  • AIRDALE 16-22″; 42-46 LBS
  • AKITA  20-24″; 70-130 LBS
  • AMERICAN ESKIMO 16-20″; 18-35 LBS
  • AMERICAN INDIAN DOG 16-22″; 30-60 LBS
  • AUSTRALIAN KELPIE 15-21″; 25-45 LBS
  • BASSET HOUND 16-22″; 40-60 LBS
  • BEAGLE 12-18″; 18-30 LBS
  • BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG 20-26″; 75-100 LBS
  • BICHON FRISE 14-18″; 10-14 LBS
  • BLOODHOUND 22-28″; 88-105 LBS
  • BLUE HEELER 22-28″; 30-35 LBS
  • BORDER COLLIE 14-18″; 30-45 LBS
  • BOSTON TERRIER 12-18″; 10-25 LBS
  • BOXER 16-22″; 55-75 LBS
  • BRITANY 14-16″; 30-40 LBS
  • BULLDOG AMERICAN 18-24″; 60-120 LBS
  • BULLDOG ENGLISH 18-24″; 40-55 LBS
  • BULLDOG FRENCH 12-16″; 18-28 LBS
  • BULL TERRIER 12-18″; 50-60 LBS
  • CAIRN TERRIER 10-16″; 12-16 LBS
  • CAUCASIAN SHEPHERD 22-26″, 100-200 LBS
  • CHIHUAHUA 8-14″; 2-6 LBS
  • CHINESE CRESTED 8-11″; 5-10 LBS
  • CHOW 18-24″; 45-65 LBS
  • COCKER SPANIEL 12-18″; 24-60 LBS
  • COLLIE 18-22″; 50-75 LBS
  • CORGI 14-16″; 25-38 LBS
  • DACHSHUND STANDARD 16-20″; 16-32 LBS
  • DACHSHUND MINI 8-18″; 9-15 LBS
  • DALMATIAN 14-20″; 45-65 LBS
  • DOBERMAN 18-24″; 66-88 LBS
  • ENGLISH MASTIFF 28-38″; 120-250 LBS
  • FOX TERRIER 10-16″; 14-18 LBS
  • GERMAN SHEPHERD 18-24″; 65-95 LBS
  • GOLDEN RETRIEVER 16-24″; 55-75 LBS
  • GREAT DANE 20-26″; 125-135 LBS
  • GREAT PYRENEES 24-30″; 90-125 LBS
  • GREYHOUND 14-18″; 55-80 LBS
  • HAVANESE 8-14″; 7-13 LBS
  • IRISH TERRIER 16-20″; 25-27 LBS
  • IRISH SETTER 16-22″; 53-70 LBS
  • IRISH WOLFHOUND 20″- 27″; 115-120 LBS
  • LAB 18-24″; 55-75 LBS
  • LABRADOODLE 14-20″; 50-65 LBS
  • LHASA APSO 12-16″; 13-15 LBS
  • LURCHER 13-20″; 35-100 LBS (depends on whether it is Whippet-bred (smaller) or Greyhound (larger))
  • MALTESE 10-14″; 6-9 LBS
  • NEWFOUNDLAND 26-32″; 110-152 LBS
  • PAPILLON 8-12″; 9-11 LBS
  • PEKINGESE 12-16″; 8-10 LBS
  • PIT BULL 14-18″; 30-70 LBS
  • POMERANIAN 10-14″; 9-13 LBS
  • POODLE MINI 10-16″; 24-28 LBS
  • POODLE STANDARD 12-18″; 45-70 LBS
  • POODLE TOY 8-14″; 12-17 LBS
  • PUG 12-16″; 14-18 LBS
  • RAT TERRIER 13-16″; 11-14 LBS
  • ROTTWEILER 24-30″; 100-120 LBS
  • ST. BERNARD 26-32″; 130-230 LBS
  • SCHNAUZER GIANT 20-26″; 70-80 LBS
  • SCHNAUZER STANDARD 14-20″; 30-35 LBS
  • SCHNAUZER MINI 10-16″; 13-15 LBS
  • SCOTTISH TERRIER 14-20″; 19-23 LBS
  • SHAR PEI 16-20″; 35-55 LBS
  • SHIBA INU 14-17″; 17-23 LBS
  • SHIH TZU 10-14″; 12-16 LBS
  • SIBERIAN HUSKY 16-22″; 40-55 LBS
  • SILKY TERRIER 10-14″ 8-10 LBS
  • SPRINGER SPANIEL 14-18″; 49-55 LBS
  • VIZSLA 15-22″; 49-62 LBS
  • WEIMARANER 16-22″; 55-85 LBS
  • WHEATEN TERRIER 18-22″; 32-37 LBS
  • WHIPPET 13-15″; 30-35 LBS

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  • Alexa

    Also, do you know the size of the Rhodesian Ridgeback’s head at it’s widest point?

    • Kimberly Alt

      No we do not, sorry. Good luck finding it and feel free to share your findings here with us. I’m sure our readers will appreciate it!

  • Alexa

    Rhodesian Ridgeback isn’t on the list

    • Kimberly Alt

      The neck size is approximately 20-23″.

  • Romio

    Didn’t find the Belgium malinois??

    • Kimberly Alt

      We are sorry, we could not find information about the average neck size of this breed.

  • Sanita

    Missing Irish Terrier 🙁

    • Kimberly Alt

      Looks like an Irish Terrier is 25-27 lbs and 16″ – 22″ neck size. We’ll be sure to add it to our article to help future Irish Terrier owners! Thanks!

  • Bill Jones

    We just got a male European harlequin Great Dane. I want to get him a nice leather custom collar but not sure what size to get him. 20-26 is a very big range.

  • daswunderkind

    How about the Border Terrier?

    • Kimberly Alt

      Resources we found state an 11-13″ neck size. Thanks for mentioning this breed to us!

  • Stacee Severino

    I was wondering if anyone would know the average neck size of a newborn, 8 week Bernese Mountain Dog puppy? I would love to order some Thanksgiving themed collars for my new litter expected around November 17th.

  • Pay

    No Yorkie poo minie on there.

  • Michael

    Standard Whoodle (Standard poodle + wheaten terrier) ours weighs about 42lbs fully grown. Current collar, which easily allows 3 fingers beneath, is adjusted to 15″ while the total collar length is about 19″ when laid out flat.

  • flyoverstate

    My neighbor behind me has two. Her male and female both wear cat collars or her bracelets. The female looks like it’s not real. She’s maybe 3 lbs and beautiful! Big personality for such a little nugget!

  • rms

    What a brilliant site – ya’ll just saved me about 5 minutes. Cheers!

  • Luna benzer

    What about a American Pit Bull Terrier? I have 2 and I need a harness.

    • The American Pit Bull Terrier’s average neck size is 14”- 18”.

  • Melissa Leanza

    No mention of the Schipperke

  • Katelyn Northup

    Love this list but I wanted to say that pit bulls is a wide variety. And each breed that people consider “pitbull” all have different weights and sizes 🙂 maybe look into adding each “pitbull” breed and their sizes?

    • That’s a great suggestion Katelyn! We will look into doing that in our next update! 🙂

  • Captain Quackers

    What would the neck size of a Bird Dog be? I make dog collars out of 550 Paracord, so this chart will come in handy!

  • Thanks for the question! I have searched high and low for the answer but I cannot find the neck size for this dog. If I had to guess, I would say 14-20″ but that is just a guess based on its size relative to similar dogs. Since you asked, perhaps you know more about this dog and can let us know so we can update our list for the Kooikerhondje? Thanks!

    • The Enquirer

      Sorry, I don’t know. I’m only intending to get one. You can contact Golden Gate Kooikerhondjes or someone else.

  • Audrey

    Hello, what about the Bernese Mountain Dog?

  • Niamh Stott

    What neck size is a Lurcher?

    • Hi Niamh,
      Thank you for your question. What a gorgeous dog the Lurcher is!! The answer is a little more complex than the standard dog breed though because our research indicates that this dog can be bred from Greyhounds or Whippets. Depending on the size of the sighthound with which it is genetically linked, the size may vary. So, Lurcher has been added to this list with this caveat. Take care!

      • Niamh Stott

        Thank you so much. 🙂

  • Thanks Cecily. We have added German Shorthair Pointer’s to our list. Give yours a big hug from us!

  • Vanessa rubio

    What size harness should a get for an 2 month old German Shepard pup?

    • Vanessa, it depends on the weight of your dog but since it’s a puppy you might want to consider not getting anything too expensive and/or a collar that your dog can grow into. Hope that helps!

  • Hi Denisse, I do not know. I’ve done some research and can only find neck measurements for standard American Eskimo dogs. If you have this information for the minis, can you please share so I can add it to our article? Thanks!

    • Denisse

      14 1/2 – 15″

  • Hi Cathy,
    I added this breed based on some indirect details but I am not familiar with this breed and cannot find much about neck size in my research. Do you know much about this dog? If so, can you advise whether you think this makes sense? 15-21″ neck size and 25-45 pounds. Thanks!

  • Added. Thanks Shiba Mama!

  • Added! Thanks Dyllan.

  • Thank you, TJ. English Mastiff has been added to this article.

  • hannahhagan

    this is helpful! thanks!

  • Carol

    We are getting a 3 year old English Labrador. This breed is more stocky than a regular Labrador. Please add to list. Thanks.

    • Hi Carol,
      Do you have the dimensions on-hand? If so, please send them along. I’d love to have the details from a true expert! Thanks!

  • Yasmine

    What about the caucasian ovcharka ? Thanks

    • Yasmine, we added Caucasian Shepherd to the list, thank you!

  • AC

    How are you measuring your dogs neck? I have 2 pure bread Border Collies and they are both full grown adults (4 years old), a female and male. They have 14cm necks or 5.5 inch necks. Are you measuring something I am not?

    • Hi AC,
      We do not have Border Collies but have received information over the years from vets, pet owners and other websites. I just did a quick search to make sure there was not a mistake for Border Collies and found our size recommendation was consistent with all other resources we reviewed. So perhaps your dogs have smaller necks than the average? Lucky you as smaller dogs tend to eat less than bigger dogs! 😉 Much love to your pups!

  • I have actually never heard of these two breeds so if you have the measurements that we could add, please let me know. Thanks!

    • George Edward Mosley

      I have Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dogs…first real American breed dog! Mine are about 80 lbs and their neck is 18 1/2 inches. They are used to herd and hunt wild boar, are very smart and beautiful!

      • Kimberly Kurimski

        Thank you George! We will be sure to add this to our article.

  • Hi Kayley, I added the miniature Aussie Shepherd this morning. Thank you!!

  • Irish Setter has been added to our list. We only include adult sizes currently in our list. If you measure your puppy’s neck and have a size, please let us know and also whether it is male or female. Thanks!

  • Hi Robert, Thanks for your inquiry. To keep our list a bit cleaner, we tend to not cover the puppy sizes but please note that we added the average neck size and weight for an adult Old English Sheepdog. Take care!

  • Mykala913

    And an Old English Sheepdog Puppy? Thanks!

  • Mykala913

    Old English Sheepdog?

  • Mykala0913

    Labradoodle please?

  • Samantha

    Havanese, please!

    • Hi Samantha,
      Havanese has been added. Thank you for letting me know it was missing so we could make this update!

  • Hi Jade,
    No problem. I added the Rat Terrier today to our list. Thanks so much for your comment and support! Have a great week!

  • Hi Maddie and thanks for your question! I have added Miniature Bull Terriers to this list with a neck size of 14-18″ and weighing in between 25-40 pounds. Thanks!

  • Eve

    Princess Bella is quarter corgi and part terrier mix:-), so what size Collar would she need?


    Just a quick question, these measurements are for full grown breeds?

    • Yes these measurements are for full grown breeds.

  • LeadOnDogs

    Hi, Could you please include King Charles Cavalier Spaniel?

    • We added it to the list! My mom has a Cav they are the sweetest dogs ever in my opinion! Such great companions. Thanks for the comment!

  • Lori

    I didn’t see French Mastiff on the list. 🙂


    I don’t see the Black and Tan Coonhound on here. Or the Bluetick or Treeing Walker. Could you add?

  • Michael

    Don’t forget the Schipperkes! Although the ruff gets in the way a bit for the males, and there is a definite size difference in sexes.

  • justin

    I do not see a blue heeler/ Australian cattle dog – which ever you prefer to call it. it’s more popularly called a blue heeler in the states.

    • Chad

      My blue heeler is 9 months he is wearing a 16″ collar if that helps at all does anyone know how large his neck will get if any larger at all?

      • Hi Chad,
        We would recommend getting an adjustable collar that expands up to 28 inches for a male. Enjoy the final puppy days and we will make this update to our article now. Thanks!

  • lorraine

    Your list is very helpful. I have a collar which I convinced myself wasn’t the right size but it appears to be ok for my new arrival. Thank you for stopping me going into puppy meltdown!

  • riannon walsh

    Bullmastiff Is Missing From Your List. My Bullmastiffs typically need a 26-28 inch collar when full grown.

  • Melinda

    Hello, My sister recently got a Great Pyrenees X Newfoundland puppy. I want to surprise them with a collar for when he’s full grown but I’m not sure what size he will need. His dad is a 160 pound dog. Do you know about what size he’ll need full grown? Thanks so much, Melinda

  • Sue Finn

    I have a mixed King Charles Spaniel and he only weighs in at about 14 lbs. They are smaller than a Cocker Spaniel.

  • A

    I don't see measurements for neck size of Vizslas?

    • Sara

      Thanks! We've added Vizsla to the list.

  • Allison

    Do you know about the miniature Australian Shepherd, also known as the miniature American Shepherd? I'm specifically wondering about a dog that will grow up to be around 14" and weigh 25lbs.

  • Rosa

    I can't see the Westie on here what size collar would it need please?

    • Sara

      Hi Rosa, as a puppy, a Westie will likely wear a collar around 6-9". As a 15-22 lb. adult, a 14-16" collar should be the right fit. Thanks for your comment!

  • Brittany

    Hi. I saw that the Newfoundland dog breed is missing.

    • Sara

      Hi Brittany. We've added the Newfoundland to the list. Thanks for your comment!

  • Brittany

    Looking for a neck size for a Havanese puppy and full size dog.

  • Karin

    Hi, I'm picking up my new Labrador puppy in a few weeks and would very much like to have a collar with me for when I finally meet the little guy.  I have found some really cute ones online and if I spend the money, I would prefer he not outgrow it in a month, but could maybe last a couple of months.  He will be approximately 15 to 16 pounds when I pick him up (will grow to approximately 85 pounds full grown). He's an English Lab which tend to be stockier, more square than the American version. Most Small (S) size collars say 11"-14" inches.  I would prefer to get the Medium (M) which indicates 13" – 18" which would leave some room for growth.  Not sure if the 13 would be too big.  Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

    • Cynthia

      A week ago we got an eight week old English lab puppy. She weighed 19 lbs. We originally got a medium size collar, but it was too big. Her neck size now at nine weeks is about 12". We got a small that fits better. I recommend getting the small. 11-14 inches gives room to grow.  

  • Rob

    Hi there, I am due to get a golden Cocker Spaniel pup who will be nine weeks when we pick him up and looking to start his walks on leads etc. when he reaches 14 weeks old. Do you know an approximate waist size for a cocker spaniel at this age so I can buy a dog harness in preparation? Many thanks.


    • Sara

      Hi Rob, we don't really know an approximate waist size for a Cocker Spaniel at 14 weeks, but would imagine that, in light of the collar size for a full grown Cocker (below), you'd want to go with a small harness (based on this chart: http://pets.petsmart.com/help/pet-sizing-guides/dog-harness/). It ​might be a bit large at first, but your pup should quickly fill it out. Hope this helps.

      • COCKER SPANIEL 12-18"; 24-60 LBS
  • John W-W.

    Wire-haired Fox Terrier?

    • Sara

      Hi John, a wire-haired Fox Terrier would be around 14-18 lbs. and in a 10-16" collar. 

  • Nicola C.

    Hi there,

    I am picking up my Rottie pup soon and we have always had a smaller partial chain collar initially until they are big enough for a ROGZ collar (we have armed response). However we are thinking of going straight to collar but the armed response is 17-29" long and 1" webbing width.

    Is this a bit big? They do a medium one at 10-16" and 3/8" wide.

    Many thanks.

    • Sara

      Hi Nicola, depending on how old your pup is and the size of his/her neck currently, the 17-29" could be a bit big, however a full-size Rottweiler can easily wear a 24-30" collar so, eventually, this collar would be the appropriate size. Hope this helps.

  • Amber

    Would you be able so figure up the size for a Saluki? I have a 10-week-old pup, and have found several beautiful collars on sale. Unfortunately I have no idea how big around his neck will be.

    • Sara

      Hi Amber. We would suggest you go by the size listed for a Greyhound, which would be 14-18" collar for a full-grown Saluki. Thanks for your comment!

  • Tina E.

    Hi there, I have eight Border Collie puppies by a medium-sized dog breed, but not sure which (only saw him in the dark). I want to get some collars for them to put on at 4-5 weeks of age to tell them apart. I am looking at buying 8-14 inch in size; do you think that will be too big? Thanks heaps.

    • Sara

      Hi Tina. While that size sounds about right to us, we would suggest measuring your puppies to find their current size; use a piece of cloth or string to measure their necks and add two inches to give you their current perfect fit. This way, you'll know if the 8-14' range is the best before you buy. Thanks!

      • Tina E.

        Thanks for your quick reply. We think it is a Border Collie/Rottweiler mix. Rottweilers grow quickly and are much wider around the neck. I measured one of the puppies yesterday; they are one week old and measure seven inches (roughly) around the neck. Does that mean they can already use a seven-inch collar? If that's the case an 8-14 will be outgrown very quickly 🙂

        • Sara

          Hi Tina. This is a great instance of why we encourage people to measure before buying, despite the above specs. Yes, if his neck is already around 7", that is likely a great size for him now, but he will grow out of it fairly quickly. A full-size Rottweiler can easily use a collar that's in the 24-30" range.

  • Arlene

    I am picking up my 10-week-old Boston Terrier puppy next week but I don't know what size harness to buy for the trip home. He is 4 pounds, 8 ounces if that helps any. I would appreciate an answer as soon as you can. Thank you.

    • Sara

      Hi Arlene. Without measuring your puppy, it will be difficult to give you an exact size. (Most harnesses are fitted by girth, not weight.) However, based on his age and size, we'd likely say an XS or an XXS if you can find it. Hope this helps!

  • Tracy

    I have a South African Boerboel. He is 13 weeks and very strong. He is 35 pounds.

  • Tanya

    I am getting a Cairn terrier in a couple of days. He is only 12 weeks old. I was wondering what size collar I need for a puppy. I got one but I think it is going to be more for him as an adult the more I think about it. Thank you for the help.

    • Sara

      Hi Tanya. The average size collar for an adult Cairn terrier is 25.4 – 40.6cm (10-16 inches), though this could fluctuate depending on the age and sex of your dog. We would suggest measuring your puppy to find his current size; using a piece of cloth or a shoestring to measure his neck size and adding two inches should give you the perfect fit.

      • Tanya

        Thank you for replying. I was asking because we are picking him up this weekend and I wanted to be able to put a collar on him for the traveling to his new home with us. I wanted to be able to get him a collar when we pick him up.

        • Sara

          We would recommend an X-SM collar, or something around 8-10" for your new puppy, as he may weigh around 8-10 pounds at his current age. It's hard to know without exact weight/measurements what his size is, however. Good luck!

  • Wayne

    What about the difference between male and female neck sizes? Specifically German Shepherds.

    • Sara

      Hi Wayne. Of course your dog's neck size can fluctuate based on their being male or female, with male's typically being slightly larger. An adult German shepherd is usually around 18-24' for a 65-95 pound dog. Based on these averages, we recommend going up (or down) a size depending on where your dog falls. Hope this helps. 

  • Melissa K.

    I'm adopting a Rhodesian ridgeback/ lab mix in about a week. I'm getting him from a shelter four hours away so I don't know what size collar he needs. I'm wondering if y'all could give me a size estimate as to what size y'all think will fit him? Online he shows two years old but I talked to the actual foster parent and they said he is probably only a year old. Any ideas?

  • Liz

    Please add Shetland sheep dog or "Sheltie" to your list of collar sizes and weight.

  • Casey

    On average what is a male, three-month old Great Danes neck size (for a collar)?

    • Sara

      Hi Casey. Per my research, at three months, a great dane should be: 25-45 lbs and measure 17-23 inches in height. So, they are about 1/4 of the way to their final weight yet already halfway to their final height! So, I would recommend a large collar (1" thick collar that is 16" to 23" in length) for them to grow into over the coming months but eventually (probably in the not too distant future) they will likely need an extra large (24"-30" long). 

  • Daniel

    I am collecting my blue staffy pup on the 7th of August and not sure what size collar to get him. He will be eight weeks when we pick him up, but he is three weeks now and is already 1.5 kilos and is twice as big as his siblings, so he is going to be a big staffy. So not sure how to judge his size.

  • seema

    Hi, I am getting a lab puppy, 7.5 weeks old and I was wondering what collar size will best fit her? Thanks

    • Michelle

      Hi Seema,

      Thanks for the great question. Most collars extend about 6" in length so if you get a medium size collar (generally around 1" wide and 10-16" long), then you should be good for the first couple of months. You might need a larger one as the pup grows. Best wishes and enjoy your new puppy! Send us a photo on our Facebook wall when you have her – we'd love to see her photo on our wall! Thanks!

  • Katie

    I am getting a red nose pitbull/ American bulldog puppy that is about 3-4 months old and I didn't know what collar and leash were recommended and also what size to get I was thinking about 16-18 inch that extends but wanted to make sure.

    • Canine Journal

      Hi Katie, Thanks for your question. Most collars extend up to about 6" so if you get one that starts around 14-16" as the smallest length, then you should be good as the dog grows. As for the leash, most places will not let you be on premise with a dog unless the leash is 6 feet or less so I would recommend 4-6 feet. Best wishes and congrats on the new pup! 

  • Katie

    Hi, I am getting a 3 month old female pug and I was wondering what sort of size collar I should be getting her? I guessed maybe 10" or so but that is just a complete guess. Would be great if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks.

    • Canine Journal

      We recommend that you get a collar that is adjustable from 10-15" if possible to be sure it can grow with your Pug puppy! Puppies grow very quickly, so don't forget to check the fit of the collar regularly to ensure it is not too tight. Happy puppy time!!

  • Whippet2

    Please add the Whippet to your breed list for neck (collar) size. Thank you.

    • Canine Journal

      Thank you for your suggestion. Whippets have been added to our list of standard neck and collar sizes for dogs. Thanks!

  • a clever canine

    I am getting a 9 week old Staffordshire / Rottweiler puppy and wonder if a collar or harness would be better and what size I should get. I want to have him trained in the near future so that he can be certified at some point as a service dog. Thank you Elizabeth

  • Anonymous

    It seems to me that these days many dog owners are very interested in developing some kind of unique clothes and collars for their pets. While I have never been overly concerned about putting my little one in sweaters and other types of people clothes, I could see how this list would be valuable to those who are.

    Being able to scan such a list and see that your little Jack Russell Terrier has an average collar size of between 8 and 14 inches would indeed be a huge help for those interested in buying a new collar, or creating a custom collar, or even buying some sort of shirt. I also think that the weight range could also be a big help. If your dog is above or below this range, it might be an indication that something is a bit off, and it may be time to consult a vet. Possibly it could help determine whether it might be time for a change in diet or maybe do some tests to see if everything is ok.

  • Anonymous

    I came in here because I was trying to get an idea of what size collar to get for my dog. He is not full grown yet, so I wanted to get him a collar that he could grow into. Not that I won't buy him a new one if he needs it, but my daughter gets very sentimental about things like that and I can just imagine her getting upset because the dog has to get a new collar or something. I was just trying to avoid the hassle. But then I started wondering about the paw size. My dog has huge paws and I had heard that large paws meant the dog is going to be large. So far he probably weighs about 50 lbs., but he is only about six months old. He is a mixed breed, with one of the breeds being German Shepard.

    So now I read on here that those breeds can be as large as 95 lbs. I guess maybe the theory about the paws is right on target because I see no signs of his growth slowing down anytime soon. At any rate, thanks for all the details provided here. Now I can not only plan for his dog collar, but I can also kind of have an idea of what to expect from him in the future.

  • a clever canine

    What size collar would you need for a cocker spaniel puppy? She will be about 10 weeks old when we bring her home. Will she need a puppy collar or an adjustable adult collar? 

    • Canine Journal

      Your puppy's neck will likely be about 12" when you first get her so if you get an adjustable collar that ranges from 12-18" you should be all set for most of her life if she is a standard size. Hope this helps and best wishes for a happy life with your new furry friend!

  • Anonymous

    This post is essentially a list of some basic information. However, I think it can still provide a lot of value to both dog owners and those who are considering getting a dog. The list provides information about not only the average neck (or collar) size of almost every breed you could imagine, but also the average weight range of each breed. This could certainly be helpful to someone who was thinking about getting a smaller (or larger) breed due to the available space they may have.

    How could this list be helpful in other ways? Possibly an owner was interested in buying a new collar for their dog. This way, a quick glance could show the general range and more easily narrow down your possible choices. The same goes for purchasing a number of other dog products. This could be anything from actual dog clothes like shirts and hats to special beds which are designed to help dogs with certain bone and muscle conditions (such as arthritis). If you are a dog owner, consider using this as reference.

  • Anonymous

    The most striking aspect of this post is that it lists information for a wide variety of different dog breeds. It seems to be put together for someone who is interested in buying a collar or maybe some time of shirt for their pet dog. But on the other hand, I can certainly see how this list might be useful in a number of other ways. For example, a weight range is given for each breed as well. Taken together with the average neck or collar size, it is very possible to have a pretty accurate image of what each different breed of dog will look like, at least in terms of size and general shape.

    The big take away I have from looking over this list is just how tremendously varied the species of dogs really are. And this is only quite a small sampling. As someone who really loves dogs, I suppose I already knew this, but seeing it all out in the open in black and white is still quite amazing.

  • Anonymous

    As a dog training aficionado, I see all different types of questions regarding dogs and their training habits, issues or problems. Sometimes people will ask some pretty interesting questions. A lot of people may be curious to know what the average collar or neck size is of their particular breed of dog.

    Fortunately, the author of this post has compiled a fairly extensive list of the different types of breeds and their collar or neck sizes. This would certainly be useful to almost anyone who needed a collar, was thinking about what type of breed to get, or just simply was curious and wanted more information.

    I like the fact that this list provides a lot of information. There is more than just the name of a breed and a collar size. The author has provided a pretty good range in which your selected breed may fall. This recognizes the fact that each dog within a broad category is still unique. There is also a weight range given. That is a nice touch.

  • Anonymous

    I have a large dog breed. He is a mutt and I am not sure what all the breeds are in him. I really can't even tell by looking at him because I am not that well versed in dog breeds. I just know he is big and he is strong. He pretty much stays by me when we walk outside around the yard, but I don't really take him anywhere other than our own home. I am too worried about him getting some kind of disease of virus because Parvo is so rampant this year.

    But I have been thinking about getting him a collar. Only I am not sure if I should get him a collar or a harness. I have seen large dogs wearing a harness and I understand that part of the reason is so that the dog doesn't choke or anything if you pull on the leash. The thing is, he is not used to wearing anything at all so I wonder if a collar or a harness would bother him. I don't want him to choke if I put him on a leash, but I also don't want a harness to irritate him either. I don't plan on having him pull anything or do any work that requires a harness. I just want to get what is best for my large dog.

  • Anonymous

    My son and I were just talking about getting a new collar for his dog. We want one that matches who he is, but I haven't seriously started shopping for one yet. But, in coming here I thought I would browse the breeds to see what I had to look forward to. Boy was I in for a surprise.

    Our pup is less than 6 months old. He is a mixed breed of lab/shepherd. He is an awesome dog, but I keep looking at his paws and thinking that he is going to be enormous. According to the information here, I was right. 95 lbs.? That is a large dog. I hope he grows out of some of his goofiness before he gets to big. He already doesn't know his own strength and he is just a puppy. To me he looks like a full grown lab right now, but he still has plenty of room to grow.

    But about the collar; is a harness better for your dog than a collar? We don't usually put ours on a leash, but I would think that a harness might serve him better if we did have to put him on a leash. For now we are just looking for a collar as a way to sort of bling up our dog. I'm not sure he appreciates it, but at least it isn't a big bow.

  • Anonymous

    Is it not absolutely crazy that dogs can be so different in size and still be considered the same species?  It really is wild to think that all of these animals came from the same genetic strain thousands and thousands of years ago.

    I watched a really interesting documentary some time ago about dogs and their roles in the lives of men and vice versa.  Human beings and dogs have been living together in domesticity for as long as almost any other animal and in breeding these dogs, certain traits were found to be desirable and thus dogs exhibiting those traits were bred more openly to foster the desired behavior.  Side effects such as certain dogs becoming much larger, be it intended or not, were the result of genetic manipulation.

    Dogs, for the most part, do not seem to be any worse for wear.  Some breeds do suffer from complications that are a result of over-breeding, but in recent years regulations in modern society have made this activity much more difficult to carry on.  It is good for both us and our companions.

  • Anonymous

    Collars have become a hot topic lately in our house. My son wants a collar that matches his dog's personality. Since the dog is really just a pup, I want a collar that makes training easy to do. Okay, maybe not easy, but a bit easier at least. 

    I don't want to hurt our pup though. I just want to find some way to train him a bit better. Over all, he is a pretty good puppy. The only shoes he chews are my sandals and he did chew up some of the floor tile, but he doesn't bother with things like a remote control that my son might leave laying on the floor or anything like that. He also pretty much stays in our yard. In fact, just the other day he chased off a bigger dog and actually ran down the length of the property line when he did it.

    Is a training collar worth it if you aren't planning on getting into any serious training though? We live in the country and tend to treat our animals as if they have interests of their own rather than just being able to follow simple commands. He doesn't have to learn to play dead or roll over. I just want him to behave when we take him somewhere or company comes over.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is great information to have.  I have seen a lot of dogs that simply do not have the right size collar on and either the poor animal is getting literally strangled by its own collar, or it is so loose that it could slip off at any moment.

    When I am at home, I do like to take my dog’s collar off so she can run free in the yard (which is fenced-in) and I do not have to worry about her getting it caught on something or destroying it.  I have had dogs before that were nearly strangled by getting their collars caught on fence wire or even the teeth of another dog.  I really like to keep them out of harm’s way as much as possible and this just makes good sense.

    Otherwise though, a dog should always have a collar on for their protection as well as the protection of your friends and neighbors.  Dogs are very instinctual creatures and if they feel threatened, sometimes a good solid leash and collar are all that stand between you and a significant lawsuit.

  • Anonymous

    I love that there is this option for me to decorate my dog!  I love my dog, a lot, and I always want people to know that I care a lot about her just by looking at her.  I keep my dog very clean, well groomed, and even though I would never dress my dog up in some silly costume or something like that, I do like to have a unique collar that shows a little bit of my style and a little bit of my dog’s style as well.

    Obviously, getting the size correct is important, but I would really like to see some of the more unique options available for design and coloring of the individual collars.  I would even like to see if there is some kind of customer loyalty program because my dog tends to be a little rough on her collars when she goes outside.  As much as I love seeing her in them, she does not enjoy wearing them nearly as much.  So I also need collars that are inherently rugged to avoid them breaking down too quickly.

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