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NFL Team Colors

Dog FootballYes, your pup will look super cool during dog day at the ballgame sporting your favorite team’s NFL colors. Please purchase your pet sports products from a licensed vendor and support your sports team franchise. Team logos and corresponding materials are licensed by their respective owners.

Here is a listing of team colors submitted by users to help guide your purchasing decision. This page is for informative purposes only.

NFL Colors By League and Team:

American Football Conference (AFC):

  • Miami Dolphins – aqua green & orange
  • New England Patriots – navy blue & red
  • New York Jets – green & white
  • Baltimore Ravens – purple, black & gold
  • Buffalo Bills – royal blue, red & white
  • Cincinnati Bengals – black & orange
  • Cleveland Browns – brown, orange & white
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – black & gold
  • Houston Texans – navy blue & red
  • Indianapolis Colts – royal blue & white
  • Jacksonville Jaguars – teal, black & gold
  • Tennessee Titans – navy blue, medium “Titans” blue & red
  • Denver Broncos – navy blue, orange & white
  • Kansas City Chiefs – red, yellow & white
  • Oakland Raiders – grey & black
  • San Diego Chargers – navy blue, gold & white

National Football Conference (NFC):

  • Dallas Cowboys – navy blue & grey
  • New York Giants – royal blue, red & white
  • Philadelphia Eagles – dark green, grey & white
  • Washington Redskins – burgundy & gold
  • Chicago Bears – navy blue & orange
  • Detroit Lions – medium blue, grey & white
  • Green Bay Packers – dark green & yellow
  • Minnesota Vikings – purple, gold & white
  • Atlanta Falcons – black, red & silver
  • Carolina Panthers – black, medium “Panther” blue & white
  • New Orleans Saints – black & gold
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – red, grey & black
  • Arizona Cardinals – “cardinal red, black & white
  • Los Angeles Rams – gold & navy blue
  • San Francisco 49ers – burgundy, gold & black
  • Seattle Seahawks – medium “pacific” blue, navy blue & green

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  • There’s only 2 teams with just 2 colors: Jets & Colts. Several teams above have white numbers which is a 3rd color.

  • Kimberly Kurimski

    Not that we have seen.

  • Kassius Bebout

    Any team with orange and yellow?

  • Leanne

    Is there a team with the colors blue and red?

    • Yes, glance the list above and you will see which teams have red and blue for their colors.

  • Robert

    Tampa is pewter not grey. All the other teams listed as grey are silver not grey especially Dallas. San Francisco isn’t burgundy but scarlett red. Chicago’s navy color is a bit darker so I would call it dark navy.

  • Batman

    Tampa Bay don’t know what colors they wannabe. Also the baltimore ravens need to stop being like the Vikings. The ravens want to be purple and gold so bad smh

  • The San Diego Chargers are light blue and gold/yellow.

  • India C.

    Whose team or is any team red and orange?

  • noobman

    What about Buffalo Bills?

    • michelle

      Sorry for missing this important team! The Buffalo Bills have been added to our list of team colors. Thank you for the info! – Michelle @ Canine Journal

  • Anonymous

    A lot of people love to dress up their pets, but not everyone wants frilly costumes. That's where bandanas come in handy. Not only are they a simple accessory, but even male dog owners can add this accessory without feeling that their dog looks girly. Best of all, what football fan wouldn't love to dress their dog up in their favorite team's colors?

    This resource is such an excellent guide to the colors you need to support your favorite team. I would love to dress my dog up in Carolina Panther colors. I think this would be a fun way to enjoy a tailgate or to just have a football party at home. This would also make for a great photo opp. Just think how cute it would be for your dog to be decked out in your team's favorite colors with the family gathered around in team jerseys. It's a family photo that you'll treasure forever.

    Whether it's Carolina black, medium Panther blue, and white or the dark green, grey, and white of the Philadelphia Eagles, you can dress your pooch up for football season. And, if you have a household that follows more than one team, you can always switch out the colors, depending on who's playing.

  • Anonymous

    I've been scouring the web trying to find a list of NFL team colors that is this comprehensive and easy to understand for quite some time now.  I almost can't believe that I've found it.  I found some things here and there, but everything is confusing and lists team colors from past years and things and there's no current list right there for me to find.  This NFL team colors list is simple and straight to the point.  Basically, I'm designing my own line of novelty items like mugs and things and I want them to appeal to sports fans without overtly using the actual team logos, you know?  Then I want to market these items to stores that already sell sports stuff so that I can put the products right there in front of my target market.  I think that this is a very realistic goal.

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