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cesar carmona
My 4yr pitbull ate bone from walmart, now he’s vomiting for more than 48hr and just drinks water and throws that up hours later ???
Kimberly Alt
If your dog is still ill you should take him to the vet immediately. Hope he gets better soon!
Debbie Martin
What brand of dog food for a diabetic dog
susan piatkowski
my dog is vomiting just recently, it seems after someone feeds her table food. After she vomits she seems fine. If I didn’t see her vomit, I would never think she was sick. She is also having regular, normal bowel movements.
I was wondering if my cat could have gotten some kind of virus or something from a wild cat?
They didn’t touch, but I had held the wild cat, and then briefly held my cat afterwards. Could my cat have gotten something, or am I worrying for no reason?
my 1 year old shihtzu always seemed to have sensitive tummy since we bought him home. we already have a 3 year old yorkie who we free fed dry food since he is so small and hypoglycemia is a risk. the shihtzu did fine on this diet and every once in a while would vomit bile but it seemed that this would happen because he was hungry OR he would vomit after inhaling his food too quickly. about 6 months ago we re sodded the lawn and my husband did not want the dogs to burn the new sod with their urine. i purchased something called grass guard by nurtivet and it seems to work. the issue is, my yorkie would not eat it without me smashing it up into wet food and mixing it in. so i started feeding them a half can each of Cesars wet food in the morning to get the pill in them. when my shihtzu got a taste for the wet food he almost refused to eat the dry kibble which would cause him to vomit bile from being hungry. since Cesars is essentially the mcdonalds of dog food i decided to start cooking for them myself hoping it would improve his appetite to no avail. he seemed to starve himself until the following morning when he would get the “good stuff”. i decided that i was spoiling him and i was worried my cooking (ground beef, peas, carrots, quinoa) was not giving him the nutrients he needed so i decided to start purchasing natural balance wet food which is the brand of dry food they currently eat. i was giving half can in the morning and half at night while leaving them access to dry food all day. things seemed to be going well and the vomiting was sporadic but the past few weeks he vomits every 3 days or so int he middle of the night 130AM-430AM. he vomits his food, its totally undigested. typically i feed them dinner at 430-5 pm. it was alarming to me that his food was not digested but i read that it can take up to 24 hours for a dog to digest their food. he is playful and happy and doesnt show signs of lethargy. hes a happy pup 24/7 except for the minute or so every few days he vomits. i dont know what to do. please help.
How can I put weight on my jack Russell terrior that is diabetic? She is down to 13.6 lb.
on 3 units in insulin 2 x’s aday.
She is on hills prescription dog food and hungry all the time yet getting very picky on what she will eat. Also she is laying around more.
This morning her urin was sticky
Al Scroggs
My dog, a mix but looks to be a terrier of some sort, vomits after he eats. He will have a couple of days with no vomit but usually it is most nights and it is most times about an hour after eating. He doesn’t eat real fast but not slow either. It usually looks white and froth like and includes large amounts of the undigested food. He has been to the local vet and had stool and urine samples along with blood work. He is in very good health and is very active. He does not show any signs of distress or stress. He is in good physical shape and is active with the other animals in the house (none have this problem). He eats Hydrogenated protein from Royal Cannin. He is a happy puppy and we really need to help him. Thank you for helping.


Al Scroggs
My dog is throwing up his dinner after about an hour, he does this regularly but not every night. He is 1 year old and otherwise in good health, he is also very active and shows no other signs of distress, nervousness or stress. He doesn’t eat really fast but doesn’t take his time. After he has vomited all he can he goes back to being the active dog he is. I don’t know what breed he is but he looks to have wired hair terrier genes. He has been to the local vet and had blood work done only to come back negative for any parasites or abnormalities. He has also been through the 12 to 24 hour food hold, we feed him Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Food. I thank you for taking time to read this and hope to find him some help.
Kimberly Alt
My initial thought was that he could be eating too quickly. I know you said he doesn’t eat too fast or too slow, but it could still be too fast for his body to keep up. You could try a slow feeder dog bowl, like this one My other thought is how long has he been on this dog food? Has he always been unable to keep it down or is this something new?
My pompoo has a tumor like bump on her belly started at her nipple it’s massive and looks inflamed I don’t have the money what can I do?
Kimberly Alt
We suggest you use the service we recommend on this page to get an answer:
John Francks
I have a Boston Terrier. She is nine years old and in good health. Recently she started coughing up clear liquid from her mouth. Any suggestions?
Kimberly Alt
I suggest calling your vet. They will know what is wrong with her.
My 14 yr old chihuahua ate coleus from the garden a few days ago and hasn’t gotten back to normal yet…she’s not eating her dry food and has watery bm’s; should I be concerned? She also eats rabbit poo which makes her very sick for about 3/4 of the day; bloody diarrhea and her stomach gurgles a lot…do I need to see a vet?
Kimberly Alt
Yes, call the vet or schedule an appointment if you are ever concerned something is wrong with your pup. They will know what’s best for your dog.
I changed dog foods about two weeks ago. I mixed their dog food until their old dog food was gone. After 2 weeks, my oldest dog is throwing up only at night. What can I do?
Michelle Schenker
Hi Candy,
Please call your vet. This is not likely related to the food given the timing but you never know. Always best to check with an expert. Hope your pup it feeling better soon.
My 38 days old golden retriever vomited undigested food after eating. I take her out to pew or poo after her meal and today she barked a lot and the threw up the dog food undigested. Is it because of the heat?
Michelle Schenker
Aww, poor thing. It could be because of the heat but call your vet for a more informed opinion from your local expert.
It’s been a week since my dog has eaten. I’ve tried to hand feed him but he just backs away. He does drink a lot of water.
Sadie Cornelius
Aaron, so sorry to hear your dog has no appetite. Have you recently switched dog foods? Or perhaps he is just experiencing anxiety but there might be something more serious going on so it wouldn’t hurt getting a second opinion from your vet. Hope your dog gets to feeling better and eating again soon.

Well, My Rottweiler, Rocky is 2 1/2. He has been scratching and biting himself lately. We took him to our local vet and they said he didn't have ticks, fleas or anything. Didn't really give me and explanation, just stalled 'til I had to go. Well we put on some spray on where he itches but he licks it off, it's called Pet Solution RX. He has scratched so much that he has patches of places without hair. I wanted to know what is wrong with him and would take any opinions.

Could deer corn cause a dog to vomit, go into seizures and die?


We live on six acres…two dogs…one a 6 month old puppy. Sunday morning we let them out at 7am. At 7:45am I went outside and noticed one dog just laying down looking around, the puppy walked up to it and started trying to throw up. Only clear fluid coming out like she was choking or ate something she was trying to vomit. She then began to have a seizure. We immediately was rushing her to the emergency vet when she passed in the car. Once returning home, we noticed our older 8 year old Australian Shepherd was panting, weak, and shaking. Rushed her to vets. Her symptoms were red gums and ulcers on top of mouth (which other dog didn't have), irritated eyes (which other dog didn't have), diarrhea,…vet states it could have been poisoning of some sort. They gave her oxygen, IV, antibiotics etc. I looked into the food I had just changed recently…maybe the second of third bag. EVERPET gravy kind. Since  I can not figure out what happened. My thoughts were I have a pond full of algae? No…. A lily plant I have with stem of blackberries? But, doesn't appear to be chewed. I read up on EVERPET food and noticed so many people have complained about their dog dying after eating this certain Dollar General kind? What are your thoughts?


Hi Doc, my aunt's dog, Amigo, is eating a little of his food but after a few hours, he throws up the food. It's mostly full pieces of his kibble. And also how can we get him to eat food? We have two types of food (Cesar and Benefil) we change his food time two time but he doesn't seem to touch it. Please reply, this has been happening for more then two months! I'm very worried about him and my aunt is hesitating to bring him to the vet because of the money. Amigo is a Shih Tzu and only three years old. Please reply as soon as possible! Thanks.

Jeff Butler

Thanks for the question, but our only advice is to take Amigo to a vet as soon as possible. We understand the financial implications, but there  is no way to diagnose this situation online.


My dog ate too much corn and she won't eat breakfast. What do I do to ease her pain?


We are now convinced that K9 Advantix is causing adverse reactions in our German shorthaired pointer, Peanut. We got him as a six year old from our local Humane Society. A few months later, he started having muscle spasms, weakness in hind legs, and pain-related reactions when his spine was touched. We didn't realize at the time that these symptoms started shortly after giving him his first dose of Advantix. He was diagnosed first with a compressed disc, later with arthritis, and has been on maintenance pain killers ever since then. A couple of weeks ago, his pain reactions returned with increased intensity, and we realized that it started the day after his first dose of Advantix for the new season was administered. We gave him a bath with Dawn to try and remove as much of the Advantix as possible, but now what should we do to protect him from fleas and ticks?  Do ingredients in other products, like FrontLine, have the same effects as the Permethrin in Advantix?


Flea drops are, generally, overpriced trash. Frontline is OK, but…Comfortis is pill you can get from your vet. One dose lasts for a month. Me and my girlfriend swear by it. Our vet charges $14 per pill.

kofrix son s guia

doc how to cure the dog that bites another dog? my dog are weak. 

are alcohol can cure my dog?


No It is best you dont use alcohol on your dog .. The proper thing to do is go to your local vet or Breeder


My dog is 2 1/2. She pukes bile just about every morning. Just bright yellow bile – never her food. She starts by chewing grass, then pukes, then shes fine. She wants to eat and or play. Could someone please help me? I've given her peptic ac and it did seem to help but I would have to give it to her everyday, and I'm not sure if that's okay.


Throwing up bile is an indication It may be to long between meals for her, even if you feed her 2x's a day. Give her a late night "snack" (a couple of dog cookies, carrots, things along this line) that will put something in her stomach to lessen acid build up overnight. Eating grass usually produces vomit, and if her stomach is bothering her that much she will eat it in an effort to relieve herself. You can continue to give her Pepcid as well; it won't harm her, even everyday.

Laurie Stumbo

I have a Miniature Pinscher. She is 4 yrs. old and weighs 8 pounds.

She has a tummy ache. Symptoms are: rumbling belly, walking around slowly, threw up small amount of liquid this morning, drawing in at abdomen, no appetite, has urinated but not pooped. She is in some pain and may had a small temperature earlier but has broken since then it seems like.

She runs around barking and stuff one minute then next thing she is laying around or wanting to be in my arms. (She always gets in my arms when she doesn't feel good). When she is in my arms though, she is relaxed, sleeping, and not in as much pain because there is no drawing in at abdomen.

I know I can give her pepto-bismol, but what else can I do for her and how much should I give her.


My dog has had a hard, bloated stomach for a few hours now. He has been pacing, is very hyper, has been taking in a lot of water, and acts very hungry, although his stomach appears very full. I think someone has been putting out rat poison, and my dog gets in it when he escapes from our fenced-in yard.


My 14-1/2 yr old Black Lab/Australian Shepherd dog (blind and mostly deaf), but in good health otherwise, just went outside and turned back to a large pot with soggy Coleus and started eating.  Then she went out in the yard (I followed her) and tried to bite off grass that is mowed to under 2" and dried maple leaves… anything and everything in her path.  She has never done this so persistently – though did throw up yesterday.  I actually had to turn her away and back into the house.  She can't see what she's eating and just eats the first thing her nose touches.  She's about 85 lbs., appetite is fine and water intake is normal.  I know she's old, but she's amazingly lively and still wanting to please.


Your pet's health should always be a top priority. Unfortunately, there are small towns that don't have an emergency vet. I currently live 70 miles from the closest emergency vet and if there's bad weather there is absolutely no way to get there. This would have been so frustrating a decade ago, but thanks to websites like Ask a Vet Online and JustAnswers, I can get the answers I need without worry.

The truth is that in most cases people just need to be reassured that a behavior is normal or is something that can wait until a local vet is available. Not only does this give pet owners peace of mind, but it also saves pet owners a lot of money. Emergency vets can be outrageous and, while the cost is definitely worth it, there are times when pet owners overreact.

Another plus to using Ask a Vet Online is the availability of vets that can handle most types of pets. In the area I live in it's hard to find vets that will treat reptiles and pocket pets. This is so frustrating, but with this service I can get the answers I need. I'm so glad there's a website like this out there so I can stop worrying.


I love having this option available! I posted the contact information for this on my refrigerator and make sure to tell my friends about it. Asking questions to available veterinarians over the web via JustAnswers is so much less invasive than making a phone call in the middle of the night because you are worried. Not that long ago, my neighbor’s dog was in the yard lapping up paint water and I completely panicked that it might be toxic to the little animal’s system. Instead of making a frantic call to the vet’s office because my neighbor was not around,

I took to the website with the can of paint in hand and got answers. Turns out it was non-toxic, and the dog ended up being fine. Just the other day, I used the website again, though, when there was a hurt squirrel on my porch and I did not know what to do to help him, or even whether I should just leave him alone. I thought it might be a long shot, but of course these are veterinarians who know about all kinds of animals. The vet answering my questions was friendly and helpful, once again.


I live in an area where the closest emergency vet is 60 miles away. Not only can this distance lead to the death of a pet if you don't get there on time, but if the weather is bad, it can be impossible to get there at all. With a service like ask the vet, at least you could learn how to protect your pet's injuries long enough to get him to the vet. This could literally save your pet's life.

Of course, not all questions you have may be life-threatening. There are times when pet owners simply have questions and don't want to spend $60-100 for an office visit. It might be a question on what to feed your pet, how to prepare her for birth, etc. Regardless, this can save you a lot of money.

I'm blessed enough to have found a wonderful vet who is caring and takes as much time as necessary to answer all my questions. Unfortunately, he's not available in the evenings or on the weekends. With this service, I would feel better about not being able to get to a vet immediately, especially if the problem turned out to be nothing dangerous. I think more pet parents should use this great service.


I find it really frustrating to always have to call my vet when I have a concern. A lot of times they give you a hard time or think you're overreacting when you call them if you feel something just isn't right. Like my dog just stops eating sometimes when she's upset and she'll do it like for one day. The first time she did this, I thought she was so ill. Though she wouldn't eat, the vet told me not to bring her in until the next day and sure enough, the next day she ate. And now I know that when she does it, she's just upset about a change in routine or something. She is an emotional little girl after all, but the vet can make you feel kind of stupid for worrying in the first place.

I think paying attention to your dog's behavior and overall health is so important and it's frustrating when you are met with skepticism. This service is awesome because it helps me take the best care of my pet I possibly can without feeling like a burden to others.


It doesn't matter if you own a dog, cat, hamster, or even a reptile, chances are you will have questions about your pets from time to time. There may even be times when you have questions, but your vet isn't open. Some may not even be able to find a vet that treats small animals or reptiles. This is why this service is so invaluable. Being able to go online an ask a question about a problem your pet may be experiencing can give you peace of mind. You may even discover that the “problem” is actually something quite normal.

I can see using this service from time to time. There have been times I've been worried about a pet, but found out that I was worried for no reason. This can become expensive. With a service like this, you can save hundreds of dollars, but still know for sure if your pet is okay or needs treatment.

If you have a pet, but don't have the extra cash, use this service. You might discover that the problem with your pet is treatable at home or it's worth busting out the credit card so that your pet can visit a local vet.


I enjoyed this article simply because for pet owners this is fantastic news! Pet owners only want what’s best for their pets without spending a majority of their income. It’s wonderful to know that now; people can ask veterinarian advice without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Pets require constant care and let’s face it, vets can’t be there all the time; their businesses close and they have lives too! In addition to this, most vets seem impatient and bothered when we call for free advice.

I think on this site, you can get advice 24/7 which is outstanding to me. Think about the convenience. I don’t think people would want to pester their vet when they can just call someone who doesn’t mind talking to them.

Animals can be hard work, but we love them anyway whether they require lots of care or a little care. As pet parents, we constantly have to structure our lives around our pets’ needs. What if you could talk to a vet without seeing him/her in person? Finally, pet owners can!


As humans, we are generally curious about changes in condition. Many of us even turn to sites like WedMD in order to try and diagnose ourselves when we experience strange symptoms. The only problem with researching these conditions on your own is that many symptoms are common in many illnesses. This isn't just a problem for humans. It can also be a problem for your pet as well. Searching the internet to discover what a symptom might be can not only lead to misdiagnosis, but may cause you to worry more than is necessary.

That's where Ask a Pet Doc comes in handy. You have the ability to get immediate answers from professionals. You no longer have to rely on the answer of someone who may or may not be a vet through services such as Yahoo! Answers. If worse comes to worse, you'll at least get an answer that your dog does need to see a vet immediately.

As a pet owner, I can see using this service in a variety of cases. Whether it's a dog that has diarrhea or a hamster that isn't eating, I feel confident that I would find the answers I need by using this service.


One question I have always wanted to ask an impartial veterinarian is whether or not they think it is appropriate for these new breeds of dogs to be bred that are hypoallergenic such as labradoodles and so forth. 

I look at how many different breeds of dogs there are now these days and I just find it to be a little strange that we can play with the genetics of these animals so greatly that it creates animals that do not even look like they are from the same planet let alone belong in the same species.
I know for a fact that several breeds suffer extreme maladies due to over breeding and the genetic interference of man and I just cannot believe that we are still allowed to do this, to great economic gain no less, and we take no care for what the long term consequences for the animals may be. 

I guess I am just wondering what a vet would think about all of this and whether they would support further experimentation with dogs for the benefit of human beings.


I met a dog trainer a number of years ago that was actually sponsored by a major pet food manufacturer that is pretty well known.  I got to talking to him about his dogs, as I am a dog lover myself, and started asking him about how he feeds them and what he thinks of his sponsor’s product.   What he told me was a little more than surprising. 

He said he would never feed his dogs processed dog food under any circumstances.  He said with all the chemicals and preservatives in the food, even the best and most expensive lines, there was just too great a risk of the dog developing cancer later in life.  He said he only fed his dogs raw chicken parts he bought from his local butcher.  The dogs digestive system is fine with dealing with salmonella and they can chew through the bones no problem, it is even good for their teeth.

Is this a wise thing to do for my dog?  I have been feeding him the same diet for years now.


I love the idea of this. As someone who is a new animal owner, I know I will have plenty of questions about my pets and I do not want to be calling the vet every week to ask him a question. I probably would not even get through to him and end up asking a secretary instead. For all that I may as well as my own kids or something. I want to get advice from an actual vet who has experience with animals and an education that focuses on the needs of animals. I know my questions are probably trivial right now, but they might be more serious on down the road.

For instance, I have a few potential myths I would like to know about. Can you cause serious injury to your dog by clipping his nails above where it looks like there is a vein?

If you get cats declawed, should you leave the back claws for protection if they go outside?

Once a cat starts spraying, will he continue even after he gets fixed?

See what I mean? These aren't really worth calling a vet away from his patients, but the answers would still be nice.



My friend's been studying to work as a vet, and this type of work would be right up her alley.  I am so glad you mentioned this service.  I think it would be a great job for a new student who is trying to gain experience in the field.  However, I'm thinking that a company like this might require her to have more experience just because they are evaluating the animals pretty much without seeing them, and I think you might have to have some experience evaluating animals to be able to do that over the phone. 

I know for a fact that she has worked as an intern at a vet clinic and that she personally has owned so many different types of animals over the years, so I think that, coupled with the education and certification that she has, should make her a good candidate, but only the company can answer that question, I guess.

Personally, I think this is a great service.  Vet care can be so expensive, and not everything is urgent.  You want your pet to be healthy, but spending unnecessary money can be frustrating.


Every pet owner has questions about their pet and sometimes these aren't questions that require a trip to the vet. For example, you may wonder which brand of dog food is right for your new puppy or whether or not it's normal for your dog to behave a certain way. This is when a service like Just Answers' Pet Doc comes in handy.

There are truly a number of reasons to use this service. First of all, imagine that you want a new puppy and after all the research, you still aren't sure which breed would be best for your family. A licensed vet would be able to give you the best information about your current situation. Another great use of this service is to determine whether or not your pet needs immediate care or if the aliment is something that can wait until you're able to see your regular vet.

In my opinion, this service is a much better use of your time than turning to a site like Yahoo! Answers. Not only are you getting answers from real vets, but you're getting immediate answers, which can sometimes mean the difference between saving your pet's life and burying your pet. The next time I have a question about one of my pets, I will definitely use this service.


My friend has a two year old Springer Spaniel that recently has started chewing at her tail to the point of removing most of the hair on and around the area.  She is a bit of a “chewer” as it is and is also a little neurotic, but I think this may become kind of a problem if she continues to nibble at the affected area.  I have not seen her draw blood yet (in fact it is kind of amazing how careful she is) but I am fearful that some allergic reaction or other kind of affectation is causing this that could lead to problems down the road.

She eats a pretty regular diet of dog food, consisting mainly of lamb meat.  She eats one cup of food twice daily and she gets no table scraps except for what she manages to lick off the door of the dish washer machine when I am not looking.  Otherwise, she gets her the occasional small rawhide stick that she will chew down and eat within about an hour or so.  Any advice on what this may be?


Whether or not someone owns a pet, there are huge numbers of animal lovers all over the world. I think that the new site which provides licensed vets to answer the questions posed to them by online users is a great idea. In fact, it is really perfect for anyone who has a question but is not sure who to ask.

One of the best things about this site is the fact that the doctors have their credentials certified by a large, Fortune 500 firm. I like this fact very much and think that it will put many people’s minds at ease. This way you know that you are getting a solid answer from a qualified pet doctor.

The only real question I have is just how many doctors would the web site need to have on staff. I suppose that will be determined, ultimately, by how popular the site becomes and what type of volume of questions are asked. That said it has to be convenient for everyone involved. Of course, this is not meant to provide emergency pet medical advice.


As some of the others mentioned, veterinarians can sometimes become annoyed by the mass of questions their customers have. However, as a pet owner, I want a vet that is there for me when I need them and doesn't question why I worry so much. I once had a vet tell me that I worried too much when my dog was diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt embarrassed, but also angry at the same time. My current vet is a dream. He never thinks I ask too many questions and always makes sure my questions have been fully answered. Unfortunately, my vet isn't available 24 hours a day or on weekends. This is why I think being able to ask an online vet is such a great idea.

With the closest 24-hour vet over 60 miles from my home, I would definitely use this service to determine if my dog needed to visit an emergency vet or if I was just overreacting and the issue could wait until the next morning. Let's face it. In today's economy, many can't afford to visit an emergency vet when it isn't necessary, which means this service could save pet owners a lot of money.


You know, I seriously get tired of calling my vet with every little thing.  Even though they're supposed to be caring and loving pet professionals, I always get the feeling that they are sick of me.  Like when my dog was sick and not taking her meds, and they had to coach me through getting the medication into her, I felt like I'm taking so much time out of their busy day. 

I really appreciate that you told us that there is someone else that we can call before our regular vet, just to ensure that the issue is vet worthy. 

Like, one time, my dog was throwing up a little bit and would not eat.  I called the vet and she just told me to give her some boiled chicken and rice.  I did.  She didn't eat for a few hours, but she eventually ate!  But the vet spoke to me as if I was stupid for making my dogs illness an emergency priority.  But I didn't know what was wrong and was afraid she was really sick. 

From now on, I'm just going to use your service first, unless it's urgent, then I'll call her vet if needed.


There are times when pet owners are surprised or simply just befuddled by their dogs, cats and other pet animals. We have all wondered from time to time why these creatures do some of the things they do. Now, we have an outlet to finally get some answers!

This article proclaims that there is now an online site which allows users to ask veterinarians questions about our pets. This seems like a great idea. They also say that at any time, there may be as many as 12 vets online ready and waiting to take and answer your question.

It should probably be stated very clearly up front that this is NOT the proper forum for any emergency or seriously threatening pet issues. If this is the case, then take you pet to see someone in person. However, if you have a question which is not time critical or urgent, then fire away!

I would wonder what kind of volume these online question sites will receive. I think in the end, as their popularity takes off, they would likely have to add additional professional members.


I have two kittens that I just got. It's been many years since I had any cats, so I kind of forgot some of the more basic things and I wanted to ask you what your thoughts are on this before I start calling around to have anything done.

First, I have one male and one female cat. I know that they both need to get their vaccinations, but I am a bit worried about some other other things as far as costs go. I want to get them declawed so my furniture does not get destroyed, but I thought I remember someone saying that you should never take their hind claws since they use those for defense. Is this correct?

Also, I want to get them fixed, but I would kind of rather do this all at once if it is at all possible. Not to be cheap, but I don't want to pay for two different visits if this can all be done at one time. Also, do they need to stay the night at the vet after either of these procedures or can they come home after them. Should I get the vaccinations and the procedures done all at once or is this going to be something I need to do at different times? Thanks much!


If you have ever had a pet question at 2 in the morning, now you are finally in luck. There are places online which will allow interested pet owners (or really anyone who is interested enough to ask) to submit their questions. This can be done at any time of the day or night. The promise is that your question will be examined and answered by a licensed veterinarian.

To me this seems like an interesting concept. Not to be too cynical, but I wonder if there are ways to actually check the credentials of the vets who are on the site to answer questions? If so, then I think this is certainly a service whose time has come. Of course, I would also like to point out that an answer may take some time, depending upon how many vets are on staff and how many people have actually submitted questions. Therefore, this is probably not a substitute for any kind of emergency help for your pet. If there is an issue that demands an immediate answer or diagnosis, then by all means, go see a vet!


I am having some problems with my dog and I am not sure what to do about it. I just know that I am at a loss and I really can't take much more of this.

Recently a new dog moved to the neighborhood. Apparently, he really has a taste for chickens. So far, he ate my flock and my neighbor's flock. I got some more chickens and reinforced the coop, but he got in there again and ate the new flock of chickens. Aside from reinforcing the coop again and trying to find out who owns the dog that is roaming around, there is not much I can do.

The problem is that my dog keeps digging up the dead chickens and bringing them to the house. Even after I get them away from him, he still smells like the dead chicken and I don't want to be around him. I have tried everything, from burying the chickens deeper to burying them in a plastic bag. This is ruining my relationship with my dog. Do you have any advice to keep him from doing this?

Canine Journal

While dogs will be dogs and find their way into interesting smelling things, especially outdoors where there are fewer restrictions on their actions, we do have one recommendation. Why not throw the dead chickens in the trash? It may seem heartless and not very environmental but if you really want to get rid of the risk of your dog digging up the chickens, then you need to get rid of their access to dead chickens all together. Hope this helps and happy 4th of July!! 


There are now a number of sites which claim to offer good advice for pet questions and issues. However, in order to really decide on the value of such a service, it is important to know who is behind it. Many of these places are indeed for profit businesses, but I am not sure that this should really be a big factor in a decision one way or another. The biggest factor in my mind is to ensure that there are actually real veterinarians standing behind these services. If the site can absolutely guarantee that a real, licensed vet will personally read an answer your question, then it is probably a place that should be considered.

I also think it is important to point out that these sites are no substitution for having a local vet. If there is ever an emergency with your pet, do not sit around waiting for someone to get back to you. Instead, take your pet to see someone who can provide help immediately.


Even before reading this article, I had noticed several websites that were advertising a service where readers could submit a question that would be answered by a pet doctor. Some of these did not specify whether the pet doctor was actually a licensed and practicing veterinarian, but others did.

Personally, I can certainly see a use for such a service. It could turn into kind of a WebMD but only for pets. Of course, I think it is also important to point out that if anyone has a real life emergency, they are certainly better off taking their pet to their own vet as soon as they realize they have a problem.

If the question is something of a non-emergency, then using a site like this can be a great help. You can have all of curious questions answered. These can pretty much all be handled anonymously, I would imagine. So, if there are things you want to know about your pet but may be too embarrassed to ask, this might be the perfect forum and opportunity.


I always enjoy coming to this site. I love the concept of being able to ask a vet a question anytime I want to. More than that, I like to read the comments and see what everyone else is asking. Many times I have questions that I never even have to ask because someone else has already asked them and had them answered. That just makes life a whole lot easier.

I never have been an animal person. I had a few bad experiences as a child and I just never really wanted to get too involved with animals. Now I have a son who is devoted to animals. He gets it from his father for sure. But, I do recognize the benefit to a young man of having animals around, so I am willing to provide that for him. I just want to do it in a responsible way. I want to make sure I am doing what I can to take care of my animals and teach my son some responsibility. So, sometimes when I come on here, I read him some of the comments or questions even if they do not apply to a situation we have going on. I want him to be educated about the beings he is so in love with.


As I was reading this article I thought what a great idea! Actually, I wish I could have thought of this first; I would probably be a millionaire. Anyone who is a pet owner knows how troubling it can be to take of care of the little one. Also, situations and issues occur when they are least expected, and usually at a time when it is just not possible to go to the vet. This is unfortunate, but reality.

This led me to think about what such an online system would look like. After all, a pet owner does not want just anyone answering there questions. Therefore, they must be legitimate and certified veterinarians. It would be great if the system provided for live help. Even if there was a small charge to ensure a rapid and quality answer, I think I would be willing to pay if the issue was serious enough. A guarantee should also be provided. If I am not satisfied with the answer, I do not think I should have to pay. Finally, there should be some type of feedback mechanism to rate veterinarians. Those with better ratings will be used more and make more money.


After doing my own research, I also see that there are a number of different online ask a pet doctor types of services. Some of them are meant to be than simply a repository of frequently asked questions. In fact, many cases these site are attempting to provide effective treatment and diagnosis options in the case of a problem with your pet. Some of these systems even provide live help.

Personally, I am in awe that there are some sites offering this. I think it is a tremendous way to provide help and information in cases where the animal is feeling poorly and/or the owner is very unsure about what to do. I can also see that in some cases it could even the life of a loved pet.

Certainly, if your pet is having trouble, or even an emergency, chances are it will not be at a convenient time. Therefore, having access to such a site could provide with important information to help your little buddy until you can get them to the vet in person. In some cases, you can even rate the Q&A service.


Lately I have been thinking about getting my dog fixed. He is a great dog and he would be wonderful with pups, but I don't really want to start a kennel or anything and I know it we had pups my son would want to keep them. Even if we did find homes for them, I would worry that we didn't find a nice enough home for each and every one of them. I hear horror stories about dogs being put out on chains or abused in some other way. To me, putting a dog on a chain is abuse, even if it isn't a law.

At any rate, I had heard that getting a dog fixed would make him calmer and would keep him from wandering away from the home. Currently we live out in the country and we let him roam the land. He stays where he should and I am not really worried about him taking off in the future or anything. So I guess my question had more to do with other benefits. Is there some other benefit that I am not aware of? My son does not want to get the dog fixed, but if I could tell him more benefits he might calm down about it. I guess I should ask this online pet doc my question if I want a good vet answer. Thanks!


This is one of the most interesting sites I have seen in a while. I love the concept of being able to go online and ask a pet doctor or veterinarian any type of question that I have. I also think that it may be even more helpful to have access to the questions which have already been asked. In other words, searching through the archives could provide a sort of self-help guide for all types of pet questions, issues and topics.

The most important thing to know about this site, I imagine, would be the credentials of the doctors who are actually answering the questions. Fortunately, the guidelines here clearly state that all of the credentials are verified by a fortune 500 firm. In a way, this is sort of like a webmd portal for pets. I think it is a terrific idea. Using technology has finally been applied to help our four legged (and other) friends!

This service is very efficient and the price is certainly right! Just by asking your question, you can be sure a licensed veterinarian will answer in a timely manner.


I have a dog who seems unusual to me. He is a lab and German Shepard mix. Now he is about 6 months old, but we got him when he was around 8 weeks old. He's a very sweet dog, if a little hyper and fond of shoes. The problem is that he wants to play mother to everything he can.

He has a teddy bear that is most special to him. He will take it to the neighbor's dog. The neighbor's dog can sniff it and look at it, but isn't allowed to touch it.This is just one teddy bear. We also have cats. They are kittens really. They are about 3-4 months old.

Our pup carries those kittens around constantly. He picks them up by their necks, takes them where he wants them, lays them down and licks them until (I assume) they are clean. Right now they let him, but I'm sure they will let it be known when they are done dealing with that.

The problem is that he wants to do that to every animal he sees that is smaller than him. There are stuffed animals all over the house that he mothers. I don't mind that, but I'm afraid that he will get ahold of the wrong kind of animal. I also worry that something is wrong with him. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Maltipoo Mom

My 18 month old Maltipoo, Puff, will not stop biting his nails. He has plenty of chew toys and bones, but he prefers his nails. Is there something wrong with this? We cut his nails down, and he still continues to chew them. It's causing a problem because now, some of his nails have split and are sharper than others.

He has also begun mounting people – isn't he too young for this behavior? With that he's become a little more aggressive than usual. Someone told me that the two are connected and that if we dont mate him or get him neutered soon, he'll become more and more aggressive and disobedient. I don't want to neuter him, but I think it's too early to mate him. Is there any truth to this?




My puppy Ally has vomited a few times, and is acting like her tummy is upset. We've tried holding her, loving her and rubbing her tummy, but after awhile she bit us. We assume she wants us to leave her alone, but yet she still wants to be beside us. She keeps constantly squirming and it's starting to worry us a bit. We don't want to rush to a vet if it's just a tummy ache so is there anyway to know if it's just that?

Michelle Schenker
Thanks for the question and sorry to hear that Ally is not feeling well.

For an answer from a real, live vet, please send your question directly to the Pet Doc by clicking on the link/banner above.


My dog was prescribed Cephalexin for a case of puppy pyorrhea.  I have a 6 month old Golden Retriever.  They gave me the pills and said to give her 1000 mg twice a day.  She was fine yesterday but I woke up this morning to find vomit outside her crate and she has not eaten all day.  In the last little bit she had the dry heaves and is just vomiting bile.  What should I do?

Michelle Schenker

So sorry to hear about these problems. When a dog's health progresses so quickly and severely from one illness to one that is inducing vomiting of bile, this is no longer a question to wait for an answer on. Please call your vet or another local vet if you feel you need a second opinion immediately. This is a serious situation and should be dealt with quickly for the health of your dog. Hope she is feeling better soon.

Our long-haired Golden Retriever has occasional bouts of licking–not himself or anything but licking in the air. He is clearly distressed and swallows as if he has something coming up from his stomach. He would try to eat grass (there is snow on the ground, so none is available). He has not eaten anything other than dog food.

Our vet has suggested using Laxatone and that he might be swallowing hair or dealing with hairballs. He has indeed thrown up what looks like a tightly-packed hairball in the shape of his intestines, but this is not usual. More often, the dog struggles for several hours with whatever is ailing him, pacing and wanting to go outside. Eventually the episode passes but we are at a loss to know what is causing it or how to alleviate his discomfort.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Michelle Schenker

Thanks for the question and sorry to hear your dog is not 100% well.

For an answer from a real, live vet, please send your question directly to the Pet Doc by clicking on the link/banner above.

What good does rice do for a dog with upset stomache?
Rice is a bland food that is not likely to cause your dogs stomach any additional upset. This allows the stomach to rest and is the same reason that rice is recommended for children with gastrointestinal distress.

Never forget that if you see any signs of mucous or blood in your dogs diarrhea or if your dogs diarrhea is accompanied by vomiting or has lasted for more than a couple of days you should seek immediate medical attention.You should also seek immediate medical attention for your dog in with diarrhea if you have a young, very elderly or sick dog or a dog that appears to be suffering other symptoms such as dehydration.

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