Dr. Joanna Woodnutt, MRCVS (vet)

Dr. Joanna Woodnutt MRCVS is a qualified veterinarian working in the UK. She has a passion for educating owners to help them understand their pets: she believes that knowing why something happens, how drugs work, and even when to worry helps owners to feel more confident in caring for their dogs. Jo is one of our featured vets here at Love Your Dog. At school Jo was one of those students who didn’t know what they wanted to do. She loved science, but wanted to be an author, too! Luckily, common sense prevailed and she decided to pursue the sciences in the hope of a simpler career path. Jo graduated from the University of Nottingham and holds a degree in Veterinary Science (BVMedSci) and a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (BVM BVS). After graduating, she worked in companion animal practice in the UK for several years, dealing with patients young and old. She found a love of consulting, and particularly loved it when a complex concept needed to be explained to an owner- but she could only help one owner at a time. Thanks to an old school friend, Jo was thrust back into the world of writing and realised she could combine her two loves after all and help more people understand their pets! Jo now works as a vet two days a week in a large companion animal practice. The rest of the time she spends writing about animals for websites and magazines, continuing her work of helping owners to better understand their pets. Her rescue terrier, Pixie, can often be found on her lap when she’s writing- she makes a great hot water bottle!”

Picture of Dr. Joanna Woodnut and her dog at the beach

Loss Of Vision In Dogs: Symptoms, Types Of Eye Issues, & Treatment Options

Dogs, just like people, can suffer from eye problems and progressive loss of vision, especially in their older age. Thankfully, dogs are not as reliant as us on their vision. Their heightened smell and hearing mean they usually manage gradual changes to vision well. In this article, we discuss might cause a pup to lose their sight, what your veterinarian may suggest doing, and how to cope with a blind dog at home. 

Golden with eye opened up by woman (Caption: Eye Conditions in Dogs)

Dog Eye Problems: Conditions, Symptoms, Treatment & More

Have you noticed something strange or different about your dog’s eyes? Perhaps they’re not opening them entirely, or you’ve had to wipe them a few more times than normal? These signs could mean they have an eye condition and need to see a veterinarian. Learn how your dog’s eyes work and how they should look so that you can spot when something is wrong quickly.

dog on back with skin yeast infection on belly

Yeast Infection in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments & More

Have you ever noticed that your dog has developed a particular smell, perhaps from their ears, their skin folds, their mouths, their bottom, or just in general? You might be surprised to know that it’s not uncommon for people to bring their pet to a vet because they smell! Although this might seem unnecessary, it’s important to get your dog checked over by a vet if they start to smell bad, or just different from normal. Changes in smell could mean bad teeth, kidney disease, diabetes, an abscess, full anal glands, or maybe a yeast infection. But what is a yeast infection in dogs? Let’s find out everything you need to know about this smelly situation.

Pregnant dog laying on back with belly and nipples (Caption: How Long Are Dogs Pregnant?)

How Long Are Dogs Pregnant? Timeline, Symptoms & Expectations 

Are you awaiting the pitter-patter of little paws in your household? Or perhaps you are considering breeding your dog? Either way, there is a lot to know about dog breeding! This article will explain how long a dog is pregnant, what to expect when it comes to pregnancy in dogs, and critical things to consider before you embark on breeding for the first time. 

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