Julie Fritz

German Shepherd Guide: Life Span, Temperament, Colors, Size, Shedding & More

German Shepherd laying on ground (caption: Guide to German Shepherds)

The German Shepherd is a breed that has found its place in just about every niche, from the family dog to a working service dog. Just what is it that makes the German Shepherd such a good candidate for so many varied activities? Is it their loyalty, confidence, courage, or ability to learn? We take a look at the history, appearance, temperament, and needs of the German Shepherd.

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Border Collie: A Smart And High-Energy Breed

Border Collie (caption: Border Collie Guide)

When it comes to working dog breeds, few dogs work like the Border Collie. This intelligent breed, a herder by nature, originates from Scotland and England and is recognized for its incredible work ethic. Our experts give you the inside scoop on Border Collies so you can learn more about them and decide if this is the right breed for you.

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Italian Greyhound: Size, Color, Cost, Lifespan & More

Italian Greyhound (caption: Italian Greyhound guide)

The Italian Greyhound, known by lovers as an “IG” or an “Iggy” for short, is a well-loved sighthound. This toy breed may be a small and slender dog, but it possesses quite a talent for hunting and can be a perfect companion dog both for individuals and families.

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Pharaoh Hound Guide: Types, Appearance, Temperament, Life Span & More

Pharaoh Hound in field (caption: Pharaoh Hound Guide)

The Pharaoh Hound, also known as the Egyptian Pharaoh Hound by some, is a hardy dog breed that’s friendly and smart. But how much do you know about this noble, “blushing” pup? There’s more to this graceful, powerful breed than meets the eye. Keep reading to learn more about the Pharaoh Hound’s history, appearance, temperament, health, and more.

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Best Dog Training Collars: Pinch vs Choke vs Martingale vs Harness vs Gentle Leader & More

Dog growling with pinch collar on neck (Caption: Best Dog Training Collars)

Whether you’re trying to teach obedience, prevent excessive barking, or help your dog learn his boundaries, these training collars may be able to help. There are seven types of dog training collars that can help address an array of training needs. Each collar works differently, which means training will vary.

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