Reader Questions

Is Bravecto safe for dogs?

Hello. I am writing for your opinion on using Bravecto, the pill that provides 12-week flea & tick protection. My vet is keen on it. My concern is that one of my two dogs has had cancer twice; also she reacted badly (vomiting) to a similar pill when she was a puppy. What is your […]

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My dog is vomiting once a week

My dog is vomiting about once a week. She seems fine otherwise, full of energy, eating and drinking fine as well as having bowel movements. She often is interested in eating grass. Ideas for what may be going on? She is about 9 1/2 months old and this has been going on for about three […]

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Why is My Dog Walking Backwards?

I’m really confused. When I let my dog outside to go to the bathroom he walks backwards around the yard. It’s really weird and it’s got me puzzled. This is the only time I see him walk backwards. He makes his way around the entire yard like this. Why is he doing this?

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