Reader Questions

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Miniature Schnauzer Throwing Up

My dog (miniature schnauzer) has been throwing up and regurgitating for almost 3 weeks. We have seen two vets both of which did X-rays (one was a barium study) and said that they did not see an enlarged esophagus. The second set of X-rays did show something in her colon that was 1.5cm x 7mm …

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Why is my dog chasing tail?

I’ve noticed that whenever another dog walks by our house my dog starts to chase his tail. Why does my dog chase his tail? Is he showing off to the other dog? Is he excited? Is he just crazy? I’ve always wondered this.

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Do pet insurance companies offer well visits?

Why don’t pet insurance companies offer well visits. exams, shots etc. teeth cleaning. you would think they would to help insure people are protecting their pets. These exams can be costly as well. maybe offer a co payment for these types of visits along with your premium. -Linda

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