Scott Cross

The young and old, the healthy or hurting, the tame or the runners – dogs have brought amazing life perspective and the greatest oasis in Scott’s life. Tramp, Dusty, Tia, Albus, Paul and, of course, those still to come give so much and have been a treasure. It made perfect sense for this writer to turn his attention to dogs and owners to share like a dog would (except when it comes to food).

How Do You Treat Arthritis In Dogs?

Paul dog with Arthritis

Coming home is my favorite time of day because I know I’ll see dog noses and wagging tails to greet me as I open the door. So it really stood out to me when Paul, our older dog, began coming late to the greeting party. In fact, each time he got up from the floor, his movements seemed labored and slow. I’ve been around dogs, dog lovers, and veterinarians long enough to know that arthritis can be a common cause for what I was seeing in my dog…

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