What’s Wrong If My Cat Keeps Vomiting?

Sick CatLately my cat Scuba has been vomiting, but not really on a steady basis. She doesn’t seem sick but I have noticed the content is sometimes crickets, maybe a partial mouse, or just cat food. I have found her mess in different locations around the warehouse where I keep her in while I am at work. Also, I have another cat, this one doesn’t seem to be having any problems. They both get along and they both eat and drink from the same dish. What problem could this be?

If Your Cat Keeps Vomiting, Our Pet Doc Says…

Hi Mike. Let me first say thanks for using the submission form for your question. The question you ask is a common one among cat owners. From what you have told me it very well sounds as though this could be a case of dietary indiscretion. Many cats, like Scuba, will eat crickets, lizards, mice, etc., but not all cats will be able to handle that diet.

The first thing to rule out should be any dietary or environmental factors. I would recommend you remove the opportunity for Scuba to ingest such objects as mice and crickets and other things that aren’t meant for a cat to eat. If the problem persists, then I would recommend you have Scuba examined by a local veterinarian.

The problems could be many and a proper physical examination and history would be invaluable. How old is Scuba? Has there been any weight loss associated with the vomiting? Has there been any diarrhea associated with the vomiting? These are all questions you should be prepared to answer.

I wish you luck and keep us updated.

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