What’s Wrong If My Cat Keeps Vomiting?

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Sick CatLately my cat Scuba has been vomiting, but not really on a steady basis. She doesn’t seem sick but I have noticed the content is sometimes crickets, maybe a partial mouse, or just cat food. I have found her mess in different locations around the warehouse where I keep her in while I am at work. Also, I have another cat, this one doesn’t seem to be having any problems. They both get along and they both eat and drink from the same dish. What problem could this be?

If Your Cat Keeps Vomiting, Our Pet Doc Says…

Hi Mike. Let me first say thanks for using the submission form for your question. The question you ask is a common one among cat owners. From what you have told me it very well sounds as though this could be a case of dietary indiscretion. Many cats, like Scuba, will eat crickets, lizards, mice, etc., but not all cats will be able to handle that diet.

The first thing to rule out should be any dietary or environmental factors. I would recommend you remove the opportunity for Scuba to ingest such objects as mice and crickets and other things that aren’t meant for a cat to eat. If the problem persists, then I would recommend you have Scuba examined by a local veterinarian.

The problems could be many and a proper physical examination and history would be invaluable. How old is Scuba? Has there been any weight loss associated with the vomiting? Has there been any diarrhea associated with the vomiting? These are all questions you should be prepared to answer.

I wish you luck and keep us updated.

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April 25, 2012 7:28 am

If your pet is legitimately ill, that is a serious concern, however to some people it can seem like cats are always eating too much and puking it up somewhere.  Then you hear them somewhere in the house, making weird noises and you just know you have a mess on your hands somewhere.  I guess that is one of the great things about dogs, if they make the mess they are just as likely to clean it up for you before you know it even happened, which is actually a little gross,  but convenient nonetheless. 

In all seriousness though, in this article, it sounds like this guy or lady was letting their cat just run free and eat anything and everything it could find.  I have a big problem with people like this.  I understand that cats are more independent and you do not have to worry about them so much, but I have seen people let their cats absolutely run unchecked for days at a time.  This was a huge nuisance for their neighbors and they would ultimately set up barricades and so forth to keep the cats out of their property. 

One cat would literally disappear for days at a time and come back smelling funny and not always in the best of health.  I could not understand why the cat was just left to run free.  He would always get sick and then never get taken to the vet.  Ultimately, the cat left one time and just never came back.  I do not know if he ended up dying or getting taken in by somebody else, but no matter which way you look at it, he was not very well taken care of and it was unfortunate, he was a good cat.

Pets, be they cats, dogs, or anything else, need to be taken care of very carefully.  “You are what you eat” is true for animals and human beings.  Feeding them a diet of appropriate mixes of proteins and starches is imperative for the animal to be healthy and ultimately happy.  Getting plenty of water is extremely important as well, just as it is for people. 

I did not used to like cats, always been more of a dog person, but after having finally spent some time with them, I have found them to be really fun and loving creatures that will reciprocate a good relationship just as any other good pet would.  It makes me angry that some people do not seem to care as much as they ought to about caring for an animal that is too domesticated to care for themselves.  You need a license to drive a car or hunt, but you can be responsible for another creature’s life without any kind of qualification to do so whatsoever.

October 6, 2010 9:25 pm

My 5 yr old cat vomited off and on all day. She does this every now and again. At first the food doesn’t even look like it has been chewed. She eats only dry food. Should I also be giving her canned food?

Guest Author
October 8, 2010 7:15 pm
Reply to  Anonymous

There is no specific need for you to feed canned food. Does your cat have long hair that could predispose her to hairballs? Is she current on her de-worming? How soon after she eats does this vomiting happen? What's her attitude like otherwise? There are lots of thing to consider in this case.