The best way to understand your dog’s behavior is to understand what their actions mean. Canine Journal can give you advice and feedback that will have you, your dog, and your family on a level of understanding that will make it fun and rewarding to live together. We address both ends of the leash in our behavioral topics, as it’s just as important that your pup understand your actions and the reasons behind your behavior.

dog looking curious

Dog Body Language Guide: What Is Your Dog Trying To Tell You?

Dogs can’t talk, but they have an effective way of communicating with their body language, showing signals to indicate their feelings. As we learn to recognize how dogs communicate, we can better understand what our furry friend is telling us. You don’t have to be Cesar Millan to know when a pup is happy, hurt, or angry. Dog facial expressions and dog tail and ear languages are ways to find out what your dog might be thinking. 

Two dogs playing rough (Caption: Why Do Dogs Growl When Playing?)

Why Do Dogs Growl When Playing? Fighting, Tips To Avoid, And More

You roll up to the dog park, and Fido is excited to play with all the pups. After a little bit, Fido has selected his playmate, and you notice the dogs are growling at each other while playing. Are they being aggressive, or are they just playing? How do you know when playtime has escalated to aggression? And why do dogs growl when playing? We’ll help you understand why your dog growls when playing, so you can monitor the situation and ensure it doesn’t turn into aggression.

little corgi puppy playfully wags its tail from behind

Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails? What Does A Wagging Tail Mean?

Most of us pup owners assume that when our dogs wag their tails it means they’re happy, but that’s not always the case. It turns out that dogs use their tails to communicate a variety of different feelings, some of which can be negative. So it’s important to know how to interpret tail wagging. What does it mean when a dog wags its tail? We’ve uncovered all the common reasons dogs wag their tails and what each can tell you about their current state of mind.

Lab next to fence (Caption: Tips For Separation Anxiety In Dogs)

How To Deal With Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Are you unable to leave home without your dog destroying the place? Or maybe your neighbor calls your landlord to complain about the howling pup? If this story sounds familiar, there’s a chance your dog is suffering from separation anxiety. So, let’s explore what dog separation anxiety is and how you can help your dog overcome his fears.

Pretty funny hound dog sleeping on a sofa

Why Do Dogs Twitch In Their Sleep? Are They Okay?

If your dog occasionally twitches or looks like he’s trying to run when he’s snoozing, you may wonder what the heck is going on. Is he dreaming of something fun or frightening? Scientists have studied many aspects of animal sleep patterns and habits, and we’ll explore their findings about this typically normal canine behavior. But we also share the signs when excessive twitching or other movements during sleep could be a red flag.

Beagle dog sleeps on the couch on his back

Why Do Dogs Sleep On Their Backs? It Means More Than You Might Think

Of all the goofy positions you can find your dog in, one of the most hilarious contortions is when they’re asleep on their back with their legs splayed wide open or pointed in the air. It doesn’t look all that comfortable from a human perspective, but it must be for our furry friends, right? If you’ve ever wondered why dogs sleep on their backs and what it means, we’ve uncovered all the reasons.

Dog Sleep Position cuddled in a dog bed

7 Common Dog Sleeping Positions & What They Mean

Almost nothing’s more adorable than watching our furry friends sleep, but sometimes our pups can get into the most amusing body contortions when they’re in for a big old snooze. Most canines have several sleeping positions they prefer, but what do they all mean? Why does your pup spread eagle on the floor or go belly up with his paws in the air to catch some z’s? We’ve uncovered what the most common dog sleeping positions can reveal about your dog and some interesting tidbits about canine snoozing habits.

A small dog walking in the dark with shadow

Can Dogs See In The Dark? Human vs Canine Night Vision

Many of us pup owners have to walk our dogs once the sun goes down or early in the morning before the sun fully rises. If you’re among us twilight or nighttime walkers, you may be wondering, do dogs have good night vision? See what we’ve uncovered about our canines’ ability to see in the dark and how it compares to humans and cats.

dog paws with scratches on hardwood floors

Why Do Dogs Scratch The Floor? 7 Reasons & How To Stop

Dogs scratching at the floor is a common behavior. Pet owners often see their pups digging outside, pawing at the ground before and after they use the bathroom, and scratching flooring inside the house. While it is common behavior, owners often have questions about the reasons why dogs scratch at the floor. There are a few different motivations behind this behavior, and owners must understand what might be causing it.

spraying a bad dog chewing on a shoe

Best Anti Chew Spray For Dogs: For Chewers, Bad Behavior & More

Dog ownership is amazing, but it does come with some challenges. One of those challenges is chewing. Chewing is a common yet perplexing and sometimes long-lasting problem. Dogs love to chew, but sometimes they prefer to gnaw on furniture, household items, shows, and even their own paws and limbs rather than treats and chew toys. There are a few different reasons dogs chew. One method to discourage them is using anti-chew sprays. Like any other product, finding the best anti-chew spray for dogs depends on your pup’s chewing triggers, habits, health, and individual situation.

White dog licking paw (Caption: Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws?)

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws? 7 Reasons & How To Get Them To Stop

Do you think your dog is licking his paws too much? Occasional paw licking is a normal part of a dog’s self-grooming routine and isn’t anything to worry about. But what does it mean when dogs lick their paws excessively? If your dog is licking or chewing his paws a lot, this could indicate a health or behavioral problem. We’ll help you figure out what may be causing your dog’s paw licking and when it’s time for a vet visit.

Dogs eating poop (caption: Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?)

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop (And How To Stop It)

My 4 month old black lab Daisy is eating her own poop. How can we get Daisy to stop eating her poop? Not only is it gross, but when she gets to it first thing in the morning, she ends up throwing up shortly thereafter. What are some easy suggestions to get her to grow out of this puppy habit fast?…

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