So your pup is sick? We’ve got lots of tips to help him heal and start back to his tail wagging self in no time. And if your dog is truly ill, please do not hesitate to consult your vet. They are trained to help keep your pet healthy.

Our experts have researched hundreds of conditions. We bring you the latest as soon as we can confirm the validity of the research.

Dog sick on bed (Caption: Hyperuricosuria In Dogs)

Hyperuricosuria In Dogs: Breeds At Risk, Genetic Testing, Symptoms, Treatment & More

Is your dog having trouble urinating, or have you spotted blood in his urine? While many conditions can cause urinary problems in dogs, one cause could be a chronic hereditary disease called hyperuricosuria (HUU). How do you know if your dog is at risk of developing this inherited disease? What are the symptoms and treatment? Learn more about hyperuricosuria in dogs to see if it could be a health concern for your pup.

Dog sick on bed (Caption: Addison's Disease In Dogs)

Addison’s Disease In Dogs: Symptoms, Treatment & More

Addison’s disease is a chronic condition that requires lifelong medication to manage. Early symptoms are difficult to diagnose, but without treatment, dogs can experience serious health concerns and even death. We’ll help you understand this fairly uncommon canine disease, how to spot symptoms, and when to contact your veterinarian if you’re concerned that your pup could have Addison’s.

Dog with mange sleeping on sofa (caption: dog mange symptoms & treatments)

What Is Mange In Dogs? Treatment, Home Remedies, What Does It Look Like, How Do They Get It, & More

You’ve most likely seen horrific images of animal organizations rescuing mange-ridden dogs. What you may not know is that mange doesn’t just affect neglected animals. This common skin disease can strike any pet. Untreated mange can result in a hairless, sore-covered dog in lots of pain. That’s why it’s essential to treat mange at first sight. Don’t let your dog’s skin turn to stone.

Dog paw with Hyperkeratosis (Caption: Hyperkeratosis In Dogs)

Hyperkeratosis In Dogs: Does Your Dog Have Hairy Feet?

Hyperkeratosis is also known as hairy dog feet. This is probably self explanatory, but it’s called this because it looks like your dog is growing abnormal hairs on his skin. This can be a painful experience which is why it’s important to take your dog to the vet. There may be an underlying cause as to why your dog has hyperkeratosis…

Dog barking aggressively and drooling (Caption: Rabies Symptoms In Dogs)

Rabies Symptoms In Dogs: Signs It’s Time To See A Vet

When most of us think about rabies, we picture an animal foaming at the mouth and acting aggressive or erratic. But there are many other signs of rabies in dogs. Learn more about rabies symptoms in dogs, what to do if your dog gets bitten by an infected animal, and how you can easily prevent this devastating disease. 

Dog scratching ear (caption: Can Dogs Get Lice?)

Can Dogs Get Lice? Tips And Tools To Protect Your Dog

Lice are an uncomfortable experience for humans, but did you know they can affect dogs too? Unfortunately, dogs can have issues with lice. You need to know what the signs and symptoms are and how to prevent and treat lice so you can keep your furry friend safe and healthy…

Dog throwing up yellow foam (Caption: Dogs Throwing Up Yellow Foam)

My Dog Is Throwing Up Yellow Foam: What Should I Do?

Throwing up, as unpleasant as it is, seems to happen to everyone from time to time, and our dogs are unfortunately no exception. Sometimes, the vomit can be white and gloopy; sometimes, it’s the whole dinner that just seems to come right back up, nearly intact. And sometimes, the dog vomit is a mustard-yellow color liquid. This can be significant, so read on to find out more.

Two Collies sitting in grass with DNA on top of them (Caption: MDR1 In Dogs)

MDR1 In Dogs: Symptoms, Genetic Testing & More

The study of dog genetics is revealing more about the health of our canine companions than ever before. Hidden in the genetic code of some dog breeds is a mutation that can increase their susceptibility to drug toxicity, which can lead to serious health consequences. Awareness of this defect is increasing, but some information and advice about it can be confusing or misinformed. Here, we explain the MDR1 (multi-drug resistance 1) gene, the breeds most affected, how to test for it, and what this genetic mutation could mean for your furry friend.

Dog drinking creek water (caption: Leptospirosis In Dogs)

Leptospirosis In Dogs: Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention & More

If you were a pup parent several years ago, you might recall leptospirosis hitting the news locally, regionally, or even nationally. Dogs contracted this disease from simply swimming in local streams and rivers and becoming seriously ill and even dying. It became a popular news topic for a fleeting moment. While the news hasn’t focused on this disease as much lately, it can still be a very real threat to your dog, depending on where your dog roams. What do you need to do to prevent your dog from getting sick? And if he does, what are the symptoms? We give you all the information you need to know about this disease that can become severe quickly…

Dog scratching ear (caption: Staph Infection In Dogs)

Staph Infection In Dogs: What Are The Signs And Treatment Options?

Most of us know the term “staph infections” because humans can contract them fairly easily. But did you know that dogs are totally susceptible to staph infections too? How do staph infections affect dogs? They’re mostly found on their skin but not always. Staph infections can become a serious threat to your dog’s health, so it’s crucial to know how to spot the signs and when to go to your vet…

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