From collars and leashes to stylish dog beds and sweaters, we’ve got lots of recos on canine gear to keep your dog’s accessories on-trend.

Large dog sitting in the back of a car on a car set (Caption: 4Knines Car Seat Cover Review)

4Knines Seat Cover Review: Dog Covers For Cars, SUVs, & Trucks & SUV Cargo Liners

It’s always fun to take your pup on outdoor adventures. One potential downside is that they can get filthy. Unfortunately, those dirty pups have to get home, and it might be at the expense of your clean car. Car seat covers are a great way to keep your vehicle clean while giving your pup a comfortable place to ride. Here is our 4Knines seat cover review to help you decide if one of their products could work best for your needs.

Goldendoodles with Walkee Paws in snow and rain (Caption: Walkee Paws Dog Leggings Review)

Walkee Paws Review: The Best Choice For Paw Protection?

As humans, we understand the need to protect our feet from the elements. The same goes for our pups. It’s essential to be aware of the potential hazards when walking your dog on hot pavement or icy sidewalks. Dog shoes can help keep your dog’s feet safe, and Walkee Paws waterproof dog leggings, as seen on Shark Tank, might be the right choice for you.

PetHub ID tag on dog with phone (Caption: PetHub Review)

PetHub Reviews: More Information on One Tag

Does your dog have an allergy that you want to include on her ID tag to keep her safe in case she gets away? Sadly, there’s not enough room on her current tag. PetHub tags may be a good solution for you. These tags allow you to include more information than the generic pet ID tag by connecting it with a scannable code to a web page. That way, if your pet goes missing, the person who finds your pet can be made aware of any important information and be able to contact you immediately to reunite you with your furry friend. But first, let’s find our more about how these tags work…

Woman with black pug in a pink designer jacket (Caption: Maxbone Review)

Maxbone Review: Is This Trendy Pet Brand Worth The Cost?

Do you have trouble finding stylish, high-quality dog accessories and other pet products? The luxury pet company Maxbone could have just what you’re looking for. Founder and CEO Parisa Fowles-Pazdro launched this unique brand in 2017 to fill a void in the modern-day pet market for discerning pet owners. The company has made quite a name for itself since then, and it’s even become a celebrity favorite with such high-profile customers as Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Orlando Bloom, Selma Blair, and many others. As you might imagine, luxury pet products don’t come cheap. Are Maxbone’s products worth the higher-than-average price tag? We’ll share what we’ve uncovered in our Maxbone review and highlight some of their most popular products.

Person putting bootie on dog's paw in the snow

Best Dog Boots And Coats For Winter (To Keep Your Pup Warm)

Are you looking to keep your pup warm in the winter? Just because your dog has a fur coat doesn’t mean they can’t get cold. When temperatures plummet, your furry friend might need an extra layer of warmth and protection (on their paws, too), just like their owner.

Pitbull sitting on pier in blue jacket with pinch collar and leash (Caption: Pinch Collars For Dogs)

To Pinch Or Not To Pinch Collar? Pros, Cons & How To Use

Figuring out the best way to train your pup can be challenging. However, some methods are more controversial than others. A pinch collar for dogs, also known as a prong collar, is one method for leash training that elicits a lot of opinions. No matter what you think about pinch collars, people commonly use them to help their pups overcome leash pulling and other issues.

Blow dryer being used on a dog (Caption: Best Dog Blow Dryer)

Best Dog Blow Dryer To Dry Fast With No Irritation Or Mats

You went to all that trouble to bathe your dog. Why slack off on drying the coat? Leaving your dog wet can cause skin irritations (especially in long-haired pups) and the fur to become oily much faster. Also, thoroughly drying your dog’s coat leaves it softer with fewer tangles. Our best dryer for dogs review helps you find the right fit for your grooming needs.

person bending over with retractable leash on a small white dog

Best Retractable Dog Leash: Longest, Dual, Large Dogs, With Light & More

Retractable leashes give your dog freedom and flexibility. If you have a yappy dog, you can keep them on a short leash. But if you are at a park and want to let your dog run wild, you can give them more slack. There are a variety of options and features to consider when shopping for retractable leashes. We share what you think about when purchasing a leash and find the best fit for you and your dog (or dogs).

Best Dog Muzzle For Barking, Biting, Grooming & Walking

Muzzles can help curb lousy behavior, including barking, biting, chewing, and nipping. But there are various types of muzzles depending on your needs, your dog’s breed, specific behavioral issues, and other factors.

Wire-haired dachshund with electronic gps collar

Best Dog Activity Monitor: FitBark vs Whistle vs Halo 2+ vs Tractive vs SpotOn & More

Technology has come a long way for both humans and pets over the years. Now there’s a way to track your dog’s daily activity (think Fitbit for dogs). We review the latest products in the “dog Fitbit” category, including key features and prices for each. From GPS tracking and fitness monitoring to goal setting and comparing your dog to others of the same breed, you are going to be blown away by all the things you can do with a dog fitness tracker.

Dog with FitBark jumping (Caption: FitBark Review)

FitBark Review: A Healthy Dog Is A Happy Dog

What started as a Kickstarter idea in 2013 has quickly become a product sold worldwide to tens of thousands of pet parents around the world. Learn how FitBark can help you better understand your dog’s health, stay on track for their fitness goals, and even use technology to track your dog’s whereabouts. 

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