Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is the human health insurance equivalent, but for your pet. Having your dog or cat protected by a good health insurance plan can put your mind at ease knowing that large unexpected medical bills will be covered.

Canine Journal has decades of experience in pet health insurance, our experts have reviewed over two dozen providers and bring you our top picks in our comprehensive pet insurance reviews.

Dog at vet (Caption: Is Pet Insurance Worth It?)

Is Pet Insurance Worth It? How Does Pet Insurance Work And Should I Get It?

A big misconception about pet insurance is that it’s too expensive. We spend hundreds of dollars on ourselves and our families each month for health insurance, yet we don’t get coverage for our furry “children.” In reality, paying $50 per month* for pet insurance could end up saving your pet’s life. Instead of being hit with an $8,000 vet bill because your dog needs cancer treatment, you can have a vast majority of it covered through pet insurance. The worst scenario is learning that your dog has cancer but turning down treatment because you can’t afford the bills. No one wants to face this decision, and signing up for pet insurance can cover most of the cost. Pet insurance allows you to make the best choices when an emergency arises instead of the least expensive ones. Pet insurance can also prevent a tragedy commonly referred to as “economic euthanasia.” This is when a pet owner can’t afford treatment and asks the vet to put down the pet rather than care for him due to financial limitations. For this reason, it’s vital to consider buying pet health insurance to protect your canine (and your wallet) from some of the most unfortunate incidents in a pet’s life. The table below shows which companies are in our top picks for the best pet insurance in 2022.

Aggressive dog is barking. Young man with angry black dog on the leash (Dog Liability Insurance)

Dog Liability Insurance: Are You Afraid Your Dog May Bite Your Neighbor?

Have you ever thought about the liability involved in owning your sweet, friendly dog? You go out of your way to be a good dog owner. You provide a large fenced-in backyard, premium food, regular vet check-ups, daily exercise, and delicious treats. But are you taking enough responsibility as a dog owner?

Jack Stephens of Pets Best Insurance

Pets Best Insurance Interview With Founder Dr. Jack Stephens

Canine Journal is pleased to provide our readers with this exclusive interview with Pets Best Insurance Founder Dr. Jack Stephens. Jack’s driving passion to increase the quality of pet care encouraged him to found Pets Best Insurance…

Litter of Kittens (Caption: Best Cat Insurance)

Best Pet Insurance For Cats In 2022: Is It Worth It? Plans, Costs, And Coverages Compared With Free Quotes

They say cats have nine lives, but if you love your little purr-baby, it’s probably not best to test that theory. Cat insurance is a great way to protect your (mostly) self-sufficient feline in the event of illness, accident, injury, and aging-related health concerns. Pet insurance also covers the owner if you find yourself in a tight financial spot (and who hasn’t found themselves a little strapped for cash before?). The table below shows a quick snapshot of top picks for pet insurance providers this year. Additionally included in the table are some quick stats for the top companies to help you quickly see some of the key differences.

Male & Female Vet with Dog (caption: Best Pet Insurance Comparison)

Pet Insurance Comparison Charts (2022): Compare Quotes, Plans, Coverage, Waiting Periods & More

We compare the top pet insurance companies’ plans, coverage, waiting periods, age limitations, and actual price quotes for several example breeds so you can get an idea of how much a policy might cost. You’ll also learn deductible, reimbursement, and payout options each company offers. Next, see how providers compare in terms of exclusions. Find out if one company excels in policy coverage or lacks in a specific area. You can also compare waiting periods to see when coverage will take effect. Sound like a lot? Don’t worry, we’ve created easy to digest comparison tables to help you examine apples to apples without feeling overwhelmed by all the options.

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