Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is the human health insurance equivalent, but for your pet. Having your dog or cat protected by a good health insurance plan can put your mind at ease knowing that large unexpected medical bills will be covered.

Canine Journal has decades of experience in pet health insurance, our experts have reviewed over two dozen providers and bring you our top picks in our comprehensive pet insurance reviews.

Dog at vet getting shot (Caption: Does Pet Insurance Cover Allergy Shots & Testing?)

Does Pet Insurance Cover Allergy Shots & Testing?

Allergies are known to cause more issues during specific times of the year, depending on each dog’s allergen sensitivities. Once a dog is diagnosed with allergies, they will likely experience them for the remainder of their life. This means you could face thousands of dollars in unexpected vet bills for allergies alone throughout your dog’s lifetime. Is that something you can afford? If not, a pet insurance policy bought prior to diagnosis may be able to ease the financial burden and help you focus your attention on your dog.

Dog at vet on back (Caption: Petco Pet Insurance Review)

Petco Pet Insurance Review: Find Out Prices, Coverage, And More

Petco began offering pet insurance in 2017 and has some impressive coverage. But there are dozens of pet insurance companies to consider for insuring your pet. Is Petco worth your consideration? Learn all about Petco’s policy, pricing, waiting periods, and more.

Large dog on operating table with vet performing surgery (Caption: Does Pet Insurance Cover Surgery?)

Does Pet Insurance Cover Surgery?

Are you wondering if you can get pet insurance for surgery? It all depends on the current state of your dog’s health. What does that mean? Pet insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. So, if your dog has already been diagnosed with an ailment and you know she needs surgery, then it will most likely be ineligible from coverage. However, there are still many other instances where getting pet insurance makes sense, especially if you are trying to minimize unmanageable vet bills in the future.

small white dog at the vet with tech wearing purple gloves and scrubs

CarePlus By Chewy Pet Insurance Reviews: Unique Plans With Chewy Perks

If you’re a frequent buyer on Chewy’s website, then you may be intrigued by its CarePlus insurance and wellness plans. CarePlus plans have some interesting features, including Chewy perks (we’ll go over that more below). Let’s find out what Chewy’s insurance and wellness plans cover and if they fit your needs.

Vet holding dog (Caption: Does Pet Insurance Cover Spaying & Neutering?)

Does Pet Insurance Cover Spaying & Neutering?

If you’re getting your pet fixed, can you get the procedure covered through a pet insurance policy? Let’s explore how spaying and neutering may be covered by pet insurance and which companies offer it.

Dog getting shot at the vet (caption: Emergency Pet Insurance)

Emergency Pet Insurance: Best Options To Cover Visits, Procedures, And More

If your dog is currently experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency, please seek veterinary care immediately. Are you concerned about your dog experiencing an emergency? Are you unsure about where you would take her and how you would pay for it? Below are some solutions to get your dog the vet care she needs immediately and possible methods to find payment assistance.

Female vet holding a french bulldog in arms (Caption: Pet Medical Insurance)

How Much Is Pet Medical Insurance & Where Can I Buy It?

Pet medical insurance is more commonly referred to as pet insurance. Pet insurance helps pay for veterinary treatment covered by your chosen pet insurance provider. It works similarly to human health insurance. So if your dog experiences an illness or accident, you can focus your attention on helping your dog heal instead of stressing about your financial circumstance. 

A brown poodle at vet sitting on exams table with doctor holding dog and owner getting ready to pay with credit card machine

How To Get Cheap Pet Insurance: 9 Tips To Save Money

Pet insurance can help minimize unexpected veterinary care expenses, but that doesn’t mean you want to pay a hefty monthly premium to insure your pet. Each pet insurance company charges a different premium for different coverage. It can be hard to compare apples to apples, but we can help you get the cheapest pet insurance for your dog with these tips.

Pets Best Coupon for Canine Journal Readers

Pets Best Coupon Code: Multiple Ways To Save 5% On Your New Policy

We’re always looking for a way to save a few dollars here and there and purchasing pet insurance is no different. Canine Journal has an exclusive discount for our readers to save on Pets Best pet insurance. This page is dedicated to discounts, coupons and promo codes for Pets Best so you can save a few dollars and maybe spend them on a new toy for Fido…

Horse being petted on head (caption: Horse Insurance Comparison)

Compare Horse Insurance Policies: Get On The Right Financial Track

Owning a horse is a dream come true for any horse lover, but it’s an expensive venture. And you want to make sure you keep a tight rein on your emotional and financial investment. Can you afford astronomical veterinary bills if your horse falls ill or becomes injured? How do you protect yourself if your horse injures a rider? Fortunately, you can ease these concerns with equestrian insurance. There are many companies to consider, so we’ll help you figure out how best to compare horse insurance plans.

Lily playing in dirt: How a Poisonous Snake Bite Nearly Killed My Dog

How A Venomous Snake Bite Nearly Killed My Dog

It was one of the scariest moments of my life when my dog Lily was bit by a venomous Copperhead snake. All I could do was rush to the vet and pray for the best. But this very frightening experience has made me a huge pet insurance advocate and I hope my story helps you know what to do if you are faced with the difficult life and death pet decision…

Dog with sunglasses: Dog Liability Insurance

Bypass The Blacklist: Dog Liability Insurance

Having trouble finding a place to live because your dog is blacklisted as a “bad breed?” Can’t secure homeowners or renters insurance that covers your pooch? Many of the top insurance companies won’t provide dog liability insurance for certain breeds of dogs deemed “dangerous.” There are a number of lesser-known insurance companies that disagree with the concept of labeling dogs solely because of their breed. If you own or are thinking about getting a “bad breed” dog, this article is for you…

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