Help my beagle is sick! What can I do?

My 3 year old beagle isn’t digesting his food since Thursday night. Now he has stopped moving his bowels. He is throwing his food back up hours later today’s was from yesterday’s feeding. He don’t have table food we haven’t changed his brand of food. His nose is dry. What do I do besides take him to a vet right now I don’t have the means to get him there or pay for the procedures.


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Sadie Cornelius
Alison, so sorry to hear about your beagle! He might just have a cold or virus but the nausea and dry nose could be from dehydration so make sure your pup has plenty of water. Also keep an eye on if he’s eating grass or dirt as those can upset a dog’s indigestion. If the problem persists unfortunately seeking a vet is best but to save you money on costs you should look into getting pet insurance especially while your dog is young when it is less expensive. Hope that helps and good luck with your pup!