What is the best large dog breed for a small home?

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What types of large dogs will be happy living in a small space and why? Also, what general tips can you share about large dog care? As a prospective dog owner, what should I know before I get a big dog?  – Barb

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Michelle Schenker
November 29, 2017 4:15 pm

Great question, Barb!

It may surprise you to learn that many large dog breeds have low energy and do not require as much space or exercise as you may expect. A few of these low energy yet large dog breeds include the Bull Mastiff, weighing in at 120-250 lbs, Great Dane (120+ lbs), and Irish Wolfhound (120+ lbs). The other breed that may shock you is the Greyhound. This dog loves to run and chase things outside, but inside the home, it is a rather lazy dog that loves nothing more than sleep. With a slender frame, the Greyhound is also less likely to knock your coffee over as it squeezes past you to climb onto the sofa.

As far as tips, larger dog breeds are certainly more expensive to feed (require more food). They also may have more hair due to their size which may increase shedding, but this will depend on the breed. You’ll also need to buy a larger dog bed, crate, harness, collar, toys, etc. which will be more expensive than the smaller versions.

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