Dog Nail Broke and is Still There (Exposed Quick)

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My dog, Sally, still has her dew claws and one of them broke yesterday but is still connected. It has exposed the quick but it isn’t constantly bleeding. There is some dried blood around it from when it initially broke. I’m not quite sure how it happened, I assume it occurred when we were at the dog park. Yesterday, she seemed fine and wasn’t paying much attention to it. Today, she’s been licking it a lot. I know dog saliva has healing benefits for them but is there more I can do to help her? My in-laws both went to vet school and said it’d be best to leave it alone and try to let it grow out some unless it’s getting caught on things. Does anyone have experience with this?


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Kimberly Alt
December 12, 2017 8:40 am

Update: Yesterday when Sally and our other dog, Kopa, were playing, Sally made a funny noise which made me think she caught her dew claw on something. For the rest of the day I tried keeping them apart. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep this up since they love playing together. It worried me, so I called my vet and asked if we needed to make an appointment. She recommended that we come in that afternoon. That afternoon (right before the appointment) I took them outside to go potty and they started running. Sally ended up ripping the dew claw off and it started bleeding (I didn’t realize this until we got to the vet’s office ~10 minutes later). Thankfully I made the appointment! Her quick was exposed and there was blood dripping down her paw. 🙁 They had to sedate her to fix it. She was all groggy and tired when we got her home. She’s a smart pup, and I know she was probably exhausted but part of me thinks she was milking it some for the extra attention, which I didn’t mind because I needed to love on her some. 😉

I am SOOOO glad I made that vet appointment. It was so easy to call my vet and explain the situation and the two of us made the decision to have her looked at. I think this is what should always happen when a pet parent is worried about the health of their dog.

Sally is on antibiotics and this morning (12 hours after being sedated) she was back to her normal self. 🙂 Our alarms went off and she was jumping around with her tail wagging ready for us to feed her! She has a bandage on her leg that will be removed tomorrow afternoon (as long as she doesn’t chew it off before then — we’re monitoring her closely).