Does pet insurance cover surgery?

My pooch Gary is super healthy as he’s only a few years old and I’m considering getting pet insurance while he’s still fairly young. Was wondering though does it cover surgeries should he need it in the future? Both for accidents or other medical procedures related to illnesses?

-Jeffery L

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Anne Tanner
Does pet insurance cover dental cleaning and tooth removal, if necessary?
Kimberly Alt
Great question Anne. Checkout this table, you’ll see a section that states “Check Ups, Vaccinations, Spay-Neuter, Teeth Cleaning”. Typically this type of coverage is included in a wellness plan. Tooth removal may fall under “Non-Routine Dental Treatment”, but I would check with the pet insurance company before you purchase. Also, if you know ahead of time that your dog needs a tooth removed it will not be covered because it is a pre-existing condition. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Canine Journal
Jeffery, good for you to start them while they’re young! And good news, Gary’s surgeries are likely covered if they’re not related to a pre-existing condition.