Dog dribbling pee

My dog is going on 4yo, and I noticed in the past two or three months she’s starting to do more dribbling after she pees. She is housetrained and goes outside during the day, but she also uses pads during inclement weather and at night because of coyotes nearby and other personal reasons. She will pee on the pad and then there are drops of pee all around it, and when she jumps up on the couch, she will leave a wet mark.

Is this something I should be worrying about? I don’t think it’s incontinence.. maybe a prolapsed bladder? How is it treated? She’s due for a teeth cleaning, so I will check with my vet, too, but I appreciate any insight in advance.


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Go to the vet. Could be a bladder infection.
Canine Journal
Robin, sorry to hear your dog is dripping pee around your house, no fun! Understandable that she’s nervous to go potty when it’s rainy, cold or if there are other animals around but when it’s inside it could be a number of things causing it so best to have your vet diagnosis it. Let us know what they say and good luck with getting her better (hopefully nothing serious!)