Dog Throwing Up From Eating Grass

My dog has been getting sick for the last couple weeks. Not constantly been off and on and she’ll eat grass and then feel, pattern for a couple days or maybe when I wake up tomorrow and then she’ll l end up going outside and eating grass again and then throws gets sick once again.


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Dogs eat grass to sooth a sore stomach – it’s not the grass that makes them sick. My unscientific opinion is that grass sooths an acidic stomach because grass is alkaline. My dog vomits bile when he is hungry. This is usually when he wants to eat grass, so I have tried to predict when he might do this and give him a couple baby carrots before it happens, as carrots are alkaline. It works! -he never vomits after his carrots. Can’t hurt I guess. I suspected “bilious vomiting syndrome” after doing a web search, by the way.