Dog throwing up undigested food

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My dog throws up undigested food and white foam within minutes of eating his food. It is a regular occurrence. Almost every meal. I spread his food out over a plate to help I’m slow down, I feed him very small meals throughout the day. Nothing seems to help.


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I have a puppy that is haveing exact same issue. He’s in moistened food. I tried hand feeding to slow it down and he still pukes. This last feeding I decided to try pro plan puppy wet food and gave him a table spoon and so far so vomit. But what is causing his system to not do the dry. I’m afraid he will get diarrhea now.
Breed, age, activities, vaccination status???
First, I would change his food. There is a special bowl for feeding puppies the has a hump in the middle to slow eating. You could try placing a rock in his bowl first before investing in the bowl. Have you tried wetting his food with warm water to change the consistency? Does he tend to gulp water?