Why is my dog throwing up white foam?

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My 5 month old puppy (10 lbs) has thrown up 8 times today. Ate large amount of chicken last night and a plateful of fried eggs today. Last several throw ups were white foam.


Editor’s Note: We wrote and article describing 7 common causes for dogs throwing up white foam.

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Kimberly Alt (Admin)

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the other dog whisperer

The white froth is from the bile made in the gallbladder, don’t worry its probably not ill. If something upset its stomach which can’t sometimes break food down well enough the dog feels sick and the best for them is to vomit the problem out, eating grass sometimes helps this. The froth is made from the bile passing into the stomach and just like us dry heave or puke. If it still occurs consider food have water available all the time and possibly let the animal “graze” meaning having food available all the time (same amount just left out) and please take it to a vet for further evaluation. Don’t give him that much chicken at a time. Is this your first dog? Wait about 5 more months to give any more chicken! Unless its in its food! Puppies need a good diet and human food at this stage is not nutritionally beneficial!


First of all if you’re giving your dig chicken, please please make sure there are no bones. Chicken bones are often fatal to dogs. As far as the foam goes, dogs will often lick their anal sac, which builds up fluid. The licking actually helps release the fluid. It’s perfectly normal but many dogs will often vomit a yellow frothy mixture afterwards. If the dog didn’t lick their anal sac, then you would have to manually “express the anal sac” which involves sticking fingers into the anus and squeezing it. From what I understand it is an absolutely wretched smell so be thankful if your pet does it on their own. Most do. (Vets and groomers can also express anal sacs.)

An incredulous reader.

If your puppy isn’t dead already, take it to a veterinarian…odds are, your dog ate something it shouldn’t have.

Sadie Cornelius (Admin)

Ronald, while puppy’s need lots of protein in their diet to grow, feeding them human food like chicken and eggs might be upsetting their stomach. The indigestion could be caused by your dog eating too fast so make sure to only feed them in small portions (or use a bowl that helps them slow down). Finally it could be caused by eating dirt or weeds so keep an eye on if they are nibbling on those. Hope that helps and good luck with your little guy!


The definition of “human food” is too vague I think. Chicken is actually great for dogs as long as it does not include cooked bones. Some people feed a raw diet which includes chicken (I choose not to).

Each week I throw a whole chicken in a crock pot for my 2 my dogs. I do not add spices of any kind…sometimes I will throw in beets or another dog-friendly veggie. *Before cooking, I use kitchen shears to cut off the fat and toss it.

After it is cooked, I drain the crock pot contents through a strainer into a bowl. I place the bowl of broth into the fridge. The fat solidifies on top & I scrape it off and toss it.

I de-bone the chicken COMPLETELY and throw the bones and skin away.
I mix the chicken with some of the broth and store it in the fridge.
I feed some to my girls each morning & dinner time *with quality kibble*.

It may seem complicated but actually it takes very little time. My dogs are very healthy. I hope my efforts will promote their good health throughout their sweet lives.


hollyjean what is your quality kibble? I feed my dog Victor performance with glucosamine and chondroitin. He is a large breed.