Any tips on how to safely use a hands-free dog leash?

Has anyone ever used a hands-free dog leash? If so, do you like it? I would be so worried that my dog would spot something, take off after it and I would be on my face. Would love any tips on how to properly use this to avoid the potential dangers. Thanks!

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I have a kurgo-brand leash that converts to “messenger style” so it’s over my shoulder and across my chest like a purse or messenger bag. I feel much more stable using the leash that way than around my waist (she’s not well trained on the leash, my bad…). She sometimes lunges, and at almost 60 lbs, she can generate a lot of force, so i always have my hands available to further restrain her, but I’m study enough that the initial lunge doesn’t pull me over or cause me to trip, etc. I very much recommend finding a leash you can wear in this style of you prefer to have your hands free on a walk.
What the heck is a “hands free leash” ? If you are referring to a leash that goes around your waist, I cannot recommend. Your dog, depending on size, could pull you over. You could land on your face and get serious injuries.
There is a reason that the lead (leash) is held in the hand. If the dog pulls too much, you can let go. Whereas, if your dog pulls too much on your waist, your done.
Kimberly Alt
We have a hands free dog leash and love it. It’s adjustable so I can use it like a normal leash or put it around my waist. When I walk Sally I still hold onto the leash with one hand majority of the times because she walks next to me not in front of me, so I’ve never had an issue with her going after something. I took her to an obedience class and they taught us how to properly walk our dogs, so when she does pull I give slight tugs back on the leash to get her attention back on the walk.