How Long Should I Walk My Dog?

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I typically walk about a mile with my two pups, but my younger pup seems to have endless energy. Is there any kind of guideline as to a healthy average daily amount a dog should walk? I imagine it differs for each breed, but wanted to check with the experts!

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Kimberly Alt (Admin)
We walk my sister’s dog, he’s a 5 year old labrador retriever, for about 45 minutes. He weighs 110 lbs and pulls like crazy the first 30 minutes of our walk but the last 15 minutes he finally tires out and doesn’t pull. He seems content with that amount of a walk, but it probably varies by dog like @alexschenker:disqus mentioned.
Our Golden Retriever came to us as an adult (15 months). We have had other Goldens who were on Science Diet and they eliminated right after eating a meal. Our new dog does not. The breeder had him on Pro Plan Savor. We decided to switch him after a recent sickness and the vet put him on Science Diet Prescription WD and he eliminated right after eating. We are switching to Wellness (Whitefish & Sweet Potato Dry food). We are going very slowly. It’s been two weeks and he doesn’t eliminate right after eating…it takes forever! He is still transitioning with the WD. His stools are formed but mushy. How do with get his bowels to move faster?
Alex Schenker (Admin)
That’s a great question. I also imagine the optimal length for a dog walk differs based on breed, age, size, and a number of other factors. I recommend you ask your vet next time you’re in for a check-up. And of course, just pay attention to your dog’s energy level as you’re walking. If they stop to rest repeatedly, they’re probably wearing out (assuming it’s not too hot outside).