Tips for How to Train Dogs on Using An Invisible Fence

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I am buying a house which has an invisible fence already installed but have two seasoned dogs who are used to our current backyard which has a traditional fence. I’m worried that they’ll have a difficult time adjusting to the new fence, anyone have any tips or ways to get them to learn how to use without me worrying about them running away? Thanks!

– Dog mom

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I am in process of introducing my 8 year old dog to the invisible fence system and when the consultant came out to discuss options with me, he said they have a more than 99% success rate. He has been training dogs for 4 years to use the system and he has only had one fail out of hundreds! They also stand behind their training and brand because they want to maintain this success story. So, I am going to give it a try and will report back once we are a few weeks into the new “fence”.

Note: During my research, I did learn that other brands of wireless dog fences are not nearly as successful at keeping dogs safely inside the “fence” as the Invisible Fence products so I will be using them for sure and I would recommend you do the same.

Does anyone else have any good (or bad) experiences to add?