Is it possible for one dog to get sick from salmonella and the other one doesn’t?

Is it possible for one dog to get sick from salmonella and the other one doesn’t? I have to Australian Shepherds. I’ve had one since he was 10 weeks old, and the other one I rescued from a shelter. The shelter dog is bigger in size because the one I’ve had since he was 10 weeks old was the runt of his litter. The rescue dog (and I kid you NOT) will eat ANYTHING and it doesn’t bother her! She ate my dad’s ENTIRE “Retired United States Marine” cap (VISOR AND ALL!) I called the vet and had to keep a close check on her poo for signs of blood and until she passed all the hard plastic from the visor and the material. She destroyed a KONG and ATE IT! She shredded her dog bed and ate a lot of it, she chews her blankets and eats a lot of the material. She passed it with no problems. She steals lipstick from my purse and eats the plastic container and all…none of these have ever bothered her (thank God.) I’m constantly checking her poo because I never know what she’s gotten into. One day, I was picking up after her, and I clearly saw the corner of a $5.00 bill in it….she’s a very skilled purse thief.

They both have always eaten the same food until this past year. One day, my other Aussie became seriously ill within less than an hour of eating. He threw up everything he had eaten, and had diarrhea. The other (POWER chewer) was fine, so I didn’t suspect a contagious virus. I had to take my sick Aussie IMMEDIATELY to vet. He was extremely dehydrated, running a high fever, very lethargic (eyes appeared glassy.) This was VERY SUDDEN after eating. He was fine until then. When my dogs are sick, or if I even suspect something is wrong, I get them to the vet ASAP. He was given fluids through IV, a shot for the nausea, meds for the diarrhea and an antibiotic. He was much better the next day. About 2 months later the exact same thing happened after eating the same food. Both times, blood work was done. The vet said my dog probably had suddenly developed an allergy to grain, and he’s on a special grain-free diet now. So far, he’s not gotten sick, but he hasn’t been on the grain-free diet very long. From what I’ve heard, his symptoms were not those of an allergy to grain. I’ve been told that if a dog develops an allergy to grains, the most common symptom is skin related. Excessive itching, lot of scratching, hair loss, chewing their paws, dandruff, etc.

So, for convenience purposes, I stopped feeding BOTH dogs the food they had been eating. I just keep from wondering if one of my babies could have possibly gotten salmonella poisoning and the other didn’t from eating from the same bag of food…. because she doesn’t get sick on anything she eats. She never has.

They’re never outside unless I’m with them. I know he couldn’t have picked up anything toxic (that’s why I go out with them. I’m OVER protective.)

Does anyone know of any incidences of one dog getting sick from salmonella poisoning and the other not?

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