Jack Russell Terrier Potty at Night

Hi my family has a 15 year old jack russell terrier. We adopted her about 8 yrs ago so she has been with us awhile. She has always been pretty regular on her pottying times and letting us know when she needs to go by barking at the door or go to the door so we know to let her out. We always have her go out to potty before she goes to bed at around 9:30 or 10. Some times she just pees and some times she does both. This would generally last her until 8ish in the morning. But for the last couple of weeks, she starts whining at around 3;30-4;30 needing to go out. She sleeps in my 22 yr old sons room so he gets up and lets her out but this is getting really hard when he has to get up at 6;30 or 7 to go to work. Why all of a sudden do you think she is needing to do this in the middle of the night? every night? we havent changed her feeding times or her food or anything, so is it just old age? and is there anything we can do to change this middle of the night wake up?
we love her, but this lack of sleep is really getting to us all.
any suggestions?
sleepless in texas

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