How To Deal with the Unexpected Loss of a Pet?

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I recently had to put my dog down when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was only 6 years old and while he had been inexplicably sick for some time, it was not that bad so I thought he was okay. But, it turns out he was just suffering in silence, like dogs often do. I am so sad and miss him so much. How do you deal with loss of a pet when they go way too soon and so unexpectedly? Anyone else been through anything like this and have any thoughts of how to help cope?

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Kimberly Alt (Admin)
The team at Canine Journal is sorry to hear about any dog crossing the rainbow bridge. We thank you for opening up and sharing your stories with our community and please know, each and every one of you are in our thoughts. Our article “How To Deal With The Death Of Your Dog” may be a helpful resource for you to read during this time of grief. Thank you again for sharing with us and please know we are thinking of you.
Recently had to put down our Daisy 12 years old. She showed no signs. It happened so fast one day she was good. I notice that she was bloated called the vet brought her down thought maybe she was constipated had no idea that she had lung cancer kidneys and liver were shutting down. Just don’t understand we took her every year for physicals brought to vet every time she needed. It’s been a month I still don’t understand . Why it wasn’t caught sooner . She was just at the vet in April for her annual. She was a Boston terrier she loved her frisbee. Miss her and love her so much.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry for your loss, Carla.
So sorry for your loss! I just had to put my 13 1/2 year old dog to sleep on dec 9 I’m just devasted!! She was just running and playing with my other dogs the day before. She woke up Sunday very lethargic and her gums were white. So we took her to emergency vet and he said her spleen ruptured and he saw cancer on her liver and she was having trouble breathing I love her and miss her so much but her pain is gone now and she’s in her new body and I believe I will see her again someday!! She was with me 24/7 cause I work at home. She was a sweet heart and she’s greatly missed
Ed Rico
Chloe, so sorry. Our 13 year old suddenly collapsed on Dec 18, 2018. She had just been chasing rabbits. We rushed her to the ER, they determined her spleen had ruptured, she was bleeding internally, most likely it was a tumor/cancer. She had a ultrasound in August of 2017 which didn’t show anything. We were devastated. We knew at 13 time was limited but for it to happen so fast was shocking. Her and her 13 year old sister go to work with me everyday, they are our children. Christmas this year was not fun. The week before we took them to have their yearly picture with Santa and we had their gifts wrapped. We are acting as normal as we can for her sister but we miss her so much.
Chloe, I’m truly sorry. I also work from home a good bit and my girl was always right beside me! I’m having a very hard time without her. She just passed away Sunday very unexpectedly. I’m so heartbroken.
Janina Hinrichsen
I’ve read some of the stories on here after we had to put down our dog just 4 hours ago. It was the most devastating experience I’ve ever had in my life and still cannot believe that she is gone.
Leeloo was about to turn ten next month and was ultimately my sister’s dog. But Leeloo and her sister Kiara, who belongs to me, were almost always together, so it doesn’t matter that much since I loved her just as much.
We don’t know when it started to go downhill but she behaved really weirdly in the last couple of days. She wasn’t the dog anymore that we knew and loved.
First my sister suspected that it was due to some change in food or that she was homesick. [Mind you, both of the ladies were at our house at that time] But when she took her again alone it got worse. She stopped eating like she would, drank really much und was overall Just pretty lethargic and well, not good. So she took her to the vet to make some type of blood test [I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s to check all type of stuff like kidneys], which was on friday last week. The results came in sunday and showed that her kidneys were failing. After that Leeloo had to get infusion in the mornings and evenings.
It got better and we thought she would make it until yesterday, it got worse again. She was just lying around, couldn’t sleep because her pulse was racing, she just seemed so
powerless and plain done with life. It was really really devastating to watch her suffer.
That was when they decided to put her down. It was a struggle for her to even get through the night and was overall the best decision.
We arrived today at around 9 AM at the vet clinic and went into a smaller room where they usually [I guess] gave the infusions. She was laid onto the dog bed on the floor and we waited there until the vet came. I hoped to the very last second that she would win this fight, since she was such a strong dog, but even though she fought to the very last second, her body just couldn’t handle it anymore.
At least it was painless and fast. The vet gave her the anesthesia medication [I forgot what it’s called] and in a matter of seconds, she closed her eyes and just started snoring like she usually would. It was so painfully hard to watch, but I couldn’t just go outside. My sister and her boyfriend sat on the bed next to her, spoke to her softly and pet her, while I sat on a chair in front of her. It was my first time losing a dog, before that I had lost a hamster, two mice and a cat. But Leeloo held such a special place in my heart.
At least she had a rather long life and got to spend it with the best owners she could’ve hoped for. And while I’m sad and devastated that one of the dogs I grew up with [I’m sixteen right now and we got them when I got into primary school], I’m also happy that she got to spend a fulfilling life with her sister and could go without any more pain. Everybody did what they could do and all that we can do now is to remember her as the baby full of life that she was till the very end.

The sweet thing was that she smiled at me when I came and pet her. And when they were about to put her down, she looked at me because I cried and when I went to pet her, she put her paw on my arm and licked my hand. She loved doing that.

I’m also deeply deeply sorry for anyone who lost their dog or a beloved pet in general. It is so hard to actually see your pet die that I wouldn’t wish that to my worst enemies. Please love your dogs as much as you can while they’re still alive and give them the best life they could have had. I know that I will.

Thank you so much for reading this and staying strong.

With best regards,

Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry for your loss, Janina. You are in my thoughts.
I recently came home to my poor rabbit passed away in his cage due to a heart attack it had been really devastating as the day before he was fine I only got to hold him for a min before work last him I was him alive.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry for your loss, Steven. You are in my thoughts.
Robin Politis
On Thursday, February 7th, my Liberty passed. She was a Lab/pit mix and would have been 11 in April. She got sick 2 Saturday’s ago throwing up. I was going to take her to the emergency vet but she got better and I figured she may have eaten something. She was back to her normal happy self and the following Thursday she threw up again. I called the vet Friday morning and took her in. He examined her and did bloodwork. He said her spleen was really big and that usually meant there was cancer. But her bloodwork showed normal white blood cell count and a low red blood cell count and it showed her liver enzymes were off. He recommended to treat nonaggressively and to give medicine for infection and upset stomach. On Monday I called the vet and said I wanted an ultrasound but the dr that does that is a traveling dr and couldn’t come until Thursday. On Tuesday she threw up 13 times while I was at work. I came home when my daughter called and we took her back to the vet for an X-ray. I was told then that she had a mass as big as a basketball on her spleen. She had always been a chunky dog and her stomach felt hard but it was not noticeable at all. Everyone who sees her agrees with this. I am plagued with feelings of guilt that I didn’t see it. So the vet recommended that we put her down Tuesday but my family wanted to be certain and wait until the ultrasound on thursday on the chance there was something that we could do to save her. The tumor was a space invading tumor and had made it impossible to even hold water down. So Tuesday we came home and she was sick. I felt horrible watching her. On Wednesday we took her for a little walk and then she acted normal and we went to the beach for a short walk. She was like my normal girl again. She wagged her tail, drank water, jumped into the car, enjoyed the sun and the breeze on her face. She was able to eat food and drink water that night too, which I thank God for. On Thursday I kept the children (18 year old triplets) out of school and we all went to see what the ultrasound showed. We walked her outside in the grass instead of making her be in the vet office and feel uncomfortable . They came and got her and shaved her belly and did the ultrasound. We were called in to hear the results and they were my worst fear. Her spleen was so consumed with the cancer/mass that they couldn’t even find it. She had cancer in her lungs and her liver. My vet said that the ultrasound doctor couldn’t find anything inside her that looked normal. I made the decision to put her down. We went outside and all sat in the grass with her while we waited for them to get everything ready. We all cried and tried to be strong in front of her. They euthanized her while we all surrounded her and touched her. She went so fast. It was seconds and she was gone. My cousin works at a funeral home and I had called him and he was there to take her. He cremated her that day and did a clay print, and ink print of her paw and hair clippings and he returned her to me Thursday evening. My girl wasn’t even gone from me for a few hours. I am destroyed over this. I can’t get past the feelings of guilt and sorrow. She was such a part of everyday life. I have looked for her so many times. I have thought of her nonstop. I just feel so so sad. My heart hurts. I will get a little better and then my heart clinches and I feel the wave of grief all again. I just don’t know how to move past it. The love from a pet is such a strong bond and so special. I want her back. I don’t want another dog I just want her. God Bless all of you who are dealing with a loss like the one I am.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Robin, your comment brings me to tears. My heart aches for you and your family. I am so sorry for your loss and hope you can find comfort in the memories you have of your sweet dog. My thoughts are with you.
My 12 year old Yorkie / poodle mix lived with a heart murmur his whole life, but you’d never know. He acted like a puppy up until he died this week. HIs heart failed him early one morning and two hours later I held him while the vet put him to sleep. I’m completely lost. He was part of me for 12 years, always at my side, at my feet or on my lap. We went through so many wonderful and also many hard times together. I don’t know how to be without him. I miss him horribly. I miss my little dog, my little heater and my best friend.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I am so sorry for your loss, Natasha.
maggie Ruel
My beloved four year old dog maverick passed away suddenly 12 days after being neutered on January 29,2019. I was at work two hours away. My boyfriend was watching him and he ate a small piece of chocolate. Two hours later he collapsed and passed. I rushed home as fast as I could but it was too late. Two days after his neuter was vomiting and had lack of appetite after neuter but vet tech assured me that was normal reaction to neuter And antibiotics. He seemed to get better over the following eight days – playing with his ball I made him.rice and ground beef to eat. The modified one antibiotic as he assumed it was causing the nausea. However after my dog tragically and suddenly passed – the vet placed blame.on me saying I should’ve brought him in if he was vomiting however they had assured me all sounded normal. I have immense guilt. I shouldn’t have neutered him. But I was trying to improve his life he was quite into the ladies. The vet never spoke with me about potential side effects of antibiotics. I feel I should’ve educated myself better. I should’ve taken him in. I shouldn’t have e neutered him. I should’ve taken him to work with me. The guilt is eating me alive. My dogs mean the world to me and I feel I let Maverick down. I am still waiting for report as to why he passed but I feel helpless. The vets have assured me chocolate of that size wouldn’t kill a 85 pound dog. I miss him more than anything and I’d appreciate support and advice
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I am so sorry for your loss, Maggie. I can’t imagine what you are going through. You are in our thoughts.
Michelle Daily
I just put my 14 year old collie down this morning. She had cancer and had been suffering for several weeks. My husband and I struggled to make the decision to put her Dow, but after she stopped wanting to eat we had to make the decision. My question is, what can we do to feel better? Our hearts are severely broken! Our dog was a big part of our lives and I depended on her for safety and companionship. I miss her already. How will we go on without her? Desperate for advice.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m sorry for your loss, Michelle. We all grieve differently and some things may make others feel better while they do nothing for another person. Allow yourself to grieve in whatever way you need. If that means sharing stories of her with us here, please feel free to do so. If that means adopting another dog to help direct your energy to a new fur-baby, consider that. There is no wrong way to grieve. Make sure you and your family are taking care of each other. Getting fresh air can help make people feel better and seeking out help when you need it is important. You are in our thoughts and hope you find comfort in thinking about memories you have with your sweet pup.
Yesterday we decided to take our Scrubby to the vet to be checked and get her opinion on his condition. He had a huge tumor that was oozing and he couldn’t walk. I carried him outside to use the bathroom and would feed and give him water he relied on my for everything. I would have continued to do so, but the value of life was not there. He never cried or showed he was in pain but seeing him like this also broke my heart. Turns out the vet recommended he be put down. My husband and I had talked about it and decided it was the right thing to do. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced my heart is broken 🙁
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry, Cindy.
Im still cant get a grasp on my 8 month old puppy dying. He was a chewer, ate alot of crap. One day, he was just lifeless and had bleeding a bleeding gum, and than gums were white. He had issues peeing and started to throw up crap, and I knew something was def wrong. It was a late night and I was taking to vet next day. He was already gone by 2 am. I had set my alarm to check on him. Im not sure what happened, but I can’t get over the huge guilt of not bringing him in earlier or doing more. Its been almost 4 months, and I still have daily moments.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry for your loss, Debi.
I’m sorry for your loss, Debi. I just lost my 7 month old pup yesterday. I expected so many years with him and he got sick all of a sudden and passed away all of a sudden. We were told his intestines got twisted and the blood stopped flowing and nothing could be done. It is just so difficult and I miss my pup so much.
I’ve rescued my 8 years old spoodle ten months ago,the most beautiful and smart dog I’ve ever had,Was vomiting for half a day and when she stopped I thought she’ll be ok now,on the second day she looked very depressed,shivering,pounding,drinking lot of water and not moving around at all,so took her to the vet and had test done found out she had bad pancreatitis and the white blood cells were very high,she was put on a drip and given loads of medication but during the night she passed.I feel so Quilty,did I take to the vet to late?was there anything they could have done if I took her inn the first day? Cause she was a rescue dog I don’t have any history,don’t know if she had pancreatitis before… I feel really bad ..miss her so much..can’t stop crying..was i the cause of her passing?
We lost our beautiful puppy Lola, 3 months ago today. Her death was an absolute shock. She was diagnosed , became sick ( internal bleeding) and had to be put down all within 12 hours. To say my daughter and I are just devestated and traumatized is an understatement. Lola wasn’t even two years old , We understood from two different vets one that initially diagnosed her and the emergency vet, that it was her own immune system attacking itself . Apparently, this happens a lot and it comes out of no where and unfortunately in Lola’s case it happened very fast and furious .
We saw the vet got meds and were told to watch her, a few hours later she started coughing up blood so we rushed her to the animal emergency center where they kept her in a oxygen chamber , after hours of waiting we were told that there is nothing they can do as she was bleeding internally, her lungs were filled with blood. We had no choice put to put her down. This all happened so fast, which is another reason why we are so deveststed. We cry for her everyday and miss her terribly. I am 54 years old and I have never experienced such grief in my life . She was so young and full of life, she was our first dog and she was wonderful . What’s hurts so much is that we had rescued her from a shelter , she was surrender because she was being abused , she had a rough start in life . We only had her for 14 months. Our life will never be the same without our beautiful Lola 🙁
Love and Cherish your dog everyday , they are truly a gift
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry for your loss.
My wife and I had to put down our 4 year old (turned 5 in March) boxer/lab named Scuzz (we didn’t name him) due to a severe case of pancreatitis last Saturday 1/19/19. He threw up parts of a plush toy Thursday morning, which he’s done before so we weren’t too worried. I stayed home from work because his leg was twitching like he may have a seizure, which he took meds for. I didn’t realize that was a symptom of pancreatitis. He was lethargic all day and didn’t eat his breakfast. Sometimes he doesn’t eat breakfast until noon or night, and he usually sleeps while I work from home. So I thought maybe he was a little sick and we would see how he felt Friday. He didn’t look better that morning soy wide took him to the vet, where they determined he had pancreatitis. I’ll spare a lot of the details, but essentially he didn’t get any better. He was in a 24 hour animal hospital Friday night and Saturday. He never kept any water down. Eventually we tried surgery Saturday night. The vet called back a 20 minutes after he was in surgery saying his pancreas and intestines were beyond repair. We made the call to put him down on the table. I feel extremely guilty for not taking him to the vet sooner. I had no idea of the signs of pancreatitis, and if I thought his life was in danger for a second on Thursday I would’ve parted the oceans for him. But that won’t bring him back. He might’ve always been terminal, who knows, but I can’t stop thinking what could have been if I had acted sooner. I’m really struggling with the what if’s, or what caused it in the first place. Anyone been in a similar situation able to give any advice.
Miss you bud
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry for your loss, Kyle.
I’ve rescued my 8 years old spoodle ten months ago,the most beautiful and smart dog I’ve ever had,Was vomiting for half a day and when she stopped I thought she’ll be ok now,on the second day she looked very depressed,shivering,pounding,drinking lot of water and not moving around at all,so took her to the vet and had test done found out she had bad pancreatitis and the white blood cells were very high,she was put on a drip and given loads of medication but during the night she passed.I feel so Quilty,did I take to the vet to late?was there anything they could have done if I took her inn the first day? Cause she was a rescue dog I don’t have any history,don’t know if she had pancreatitis before… I feel really bad ..miss her so much..can’t stop crying..was i the cause of her passing?
Loretta lynch
I have a nine year old yellow lab Pure bred. It was my husbands dog until we married four years ago bounce than I have become incredibly attached. He has been throwing up almost every day I am taking him for tests tomorrow. He’s lost weight but seems active now after being sick last week with his legs and joints. He could barely walk and we have to hand feed him bc if throwing up but does not help. We took him to vet and she gave him an inflammation shot and he got so much better. Now I’m faced with taking him to the vet tomorrow and I can’t stop crying. If we have to put him down I will not be able to carry on well please help.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry, Loretta. Ask friends and family to stay with you and help with anything you need. They care about you and I bet they’d be happy to help you during this difficult time. My thoughts are with you.
I understand totally. I just lost my sweet girl Sunday and am devastated. I am searching for anything to help me come to terms with it or a way to just get through the day. I never understood people before when they referred to their pets as part of the family or when they were upset about one passing….. until my girl. It was only the two of us and I would talk, sing and laugh with her and now I have nothing. My life feels so different and I know time will heal this but right now I’m truly devastated.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m sorry for your loss, Alina.
Judy Dykstra
Alina, I know how you feel. Our beloved 4 year old choc lab was suddenly struck by a car and killed in front of our eyes. It was a freakish sudden accident and I am completely broken! My husband and I feel so guilty and I feel foolish crying so much as my daughter is trying to cope as well. I just can’t deal with the fact he is gone and having such a hard time.
I understand your pain. My Reamee was 16 yrs 35 days old. She passed at 12:35pm today at her vet. Shes been a part of my life since she was 9 wks old. I know she had a good life. My heart is shattered/broken. Thou her years with me were long I truly miss my Reamee. I pick her ashes up in 5 days. I dont know how long it will take for me to get over Reamee. I won’t see or touch her anymore and I’m just sad.
John Dobrzynski
I just lost my best friend and neighborhood buddy. Shadow was 13+ years old. We had to have him put to sleep on Monday, 1-14-2019. We had a vet service come to the house – which did help with our loss. Shadow was a German Shepard, Collie, Akita mix. He was loved by everyone in the neighborhood and every dog that walked in the area was/is welcomed here. Shadow had many friends. As my kids were growing up, he would play hide and seek with them. When rabbits nested in our backyard, he would lay next to them to protect them like they were his babies. People walking by our front yard would ask how I had trained him to stay in our front yard without a chain or fence to keep him put. I explained that Shadow loved everyone he came in contact with and enjoyed visitors. He could tell the difference between good people and bad – protecting our neighborhood from prowlers, burglars and other unwanted trash. He would get treats from all the neighbors. People who did not like or know dogs, would come up and enjoy visiting with him. Neighborhood kids walking home from school would stop in the yard and pet him for 10-20 minutes each day. He was the most gentle dog, but knew when to make the wrong people feel unwelcome. It is so hard dealing with his loss. He had the typical hip issue for German Shepards, but recently developed congestive heart failure, breathing issues and was suffering. I know it was the best thing to do for him, but it hurts and the loss is tremendous. We are having him cremated so that he can return to us and be with us. Thank you for letting me share my loss and let you know about Shadow.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry for your loss. Shadow sounds like one in a million. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
I’m so sorry for your loss. I had to put down our baby yesterday and my heart is broken.
Deann Setter
I just found out my porr kitty Shamus has aggressive liver cancer. My husband and I brought him to say goodbye and to let our kids say goodbye. He was fine and then a week and a half ago started losing a lot of weight. Ultrasound came back his liver is covered in masses. Vet said surgery is not an option. I am devastated and struggling with when to take him in. I can tell he doesnt feel well. I am terrified of taking him if it might not be his time. I know I have to, I dont want him to suffer. We are planning a fun day with a special Salmon dinner tomorrow so we can have one more great day with him.
Today was probably one of the hardest days of my life. We got Buddy in 2003 from a litter of about 10 puppies, and chose him because he was the mut and only one of his coloring. He wasnt a purebred, but he was gorgeous and most importantly-ours. I remember my mother taking him with us on my way to school every morning and he’d basically pull her up the hills here in arkansas. He loved it, as all good boys do. I’ll mention later in the post how many friends he had lost along the way, but his best friend and “woman” so to say was my little girl Lola, a chihuahua. They were both spoiled as can be, but Buddy grew old. He always tried not to show it though. My mufasa became incontinent and would pee all over the house because he just couldn’t help it and we knew it wasnt his fault. He had hip problems as to be expected and couldn’t jump up onto our beds, but again, he was getting old. After putting off putting him down for a few weeks, we knew it was the right thing to do. The thing that kills us though, is in his last days he perked up and was playing with Lola and following us around. As if he knew it was time for him. Last night we fed him all of his favorite human food, and today we said goodbye. I’ve never had to put a dog to sleep, and when we heard him cry out when being given the iv, my mother and I both lost it. “Where is my mom” is all that kept circling through my head. “Why are they doing this to me”. They brought him back into the room and he was sedated, as we both sobbed and told him how much we’ve always loved him and that we will see him again he said it back. Buddy survived through 4 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 horses. Today he was 15 years old, and today I watched him return into a better place. I hope he understands because he couldn’t have brought us more joy. I love you Buddy.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m sorry for your loss, Chelsea. It sounds like you gave Buddy a wonderful last few days. I’m so glad you were able to say goodbye to him and you had time to make some final memories with him.
I’m so sorry for your loss! Lots of love from Salzburg!
My dog Emily passed away today at 10 years old. She was just such a happy little pup. Yesterday everything was fine and today she had issues going to the toilet and threw up several times. We brought her to the vet and he really tried his best to save her but she choose to live on the other side. Apparently she had been suffering in silence for quiet some time, just as your dog. I miss her so much. She loved to play in the snow and swimming. I even miss her annoying high pitched barking. I hope she‘s doing better wherever she may be now. I don‘t know yet how to deal with it or how long it‘s going to take till I’ll be used to not hearing her barking anymore.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m sorry you lost your sweet Emily, Anja.
Jeffrey T Slosek
I’m 40 and wife and I lost one of our Chihuahuas last week. Short long I wasn’t aloud animals growing up my moved in with me 6 years ago with bella 5 years ago she wanted to get bella a companion I wasn’t a fan of having 2 dogs and Chihuahua at that. We ended up getting Pippi from craigslist for free she was definitely abused before us and we were told she doesn’t like men. I do think a week had gone by before as my wife puts it chosen her human me. She was daddy’s little girl I had never experienced the unconditional love from an animal before this and didn’t understand the Loss of an animal could be this painful.i know this sounds awful but I’ve lost relatives that I’ve been less upset over. It’s a terrible feeling. We think she was only 11 years old we got her with no records and our vet guessed her age. Anyway when I’m home alone with bella is the worst they always say with me after a long day of work. Dont know where to go from here I guess.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m sorry, Jeffrey. Animals can be closer to us than humans are. Don’t feel bad about how deeply you loved your sweet dog. It’s okay for you to be so upset right now. Allow yourself time to grieve and heal. You are in our thoughts.
I’m so sad to hear about the loss of our four-legged family members. We had Marci for 7 years since she was a pup. My daughter picked her out of the litter. She was our baby. One day she was fine and barking to say hello when I got home, the next day lethargic, incontinence, and not eating. When I went to check on her for vet, She passed in her sleep in her favorite spot. I didn’t even have a chance to take her to the Vet. I had no idea she was even sick. The house is so quiet without her energy. It happened so fast, and I’m heartbroken.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry for your loss, Monica.
My dog Biggie was 2 and a half. He was hit by a car. He later died in the hospital. He was such a good boy and meant the world to me. His sister Sierra spent all day running around the yard looking for him. I miss my good boy. It hasn’t been 8 hours yet. He’s in a better place.
Heather S
Last night my dog, Sasha, was hit by a car and she managed to make it back into our yard and died with me holding her. I am so incredibly heart broken… I miss her so much.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Oh no, I’m so sorry Heather.
I know your pain my best friend just got hit by a car as well this last Sunday right in front of me I’m devastated he made it to the curb I picked him up and he died in my arms. I’m absolutely heartbroken he took after a dog and I couldn’t stop him it is so hard to forgive myself. He was the only think that made my days brighter I loved him so much. I’m so sorry for your loss and I truly understand your pain
My dog of 12 years just had to be put down. She was my bestfriend and she’s been through a lot. She was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago and then just a month ago we had to get a tumor taken off of her and she’s had to had staples . She was doing so good . Then tonight after my mom gave her her insulin, i was petting her and she starting having a seizure . She had about 6 of them so my parents took her to the clinic. They had to put her to sleep
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m so sorry for your loss, Paige.
Hi, it hasn’t been quite 24 hours since I put my baby Shadow to sleep. I’m devastated, Shadow would’ve been 12 on the 1st of February. He was such good, sweet, loving and demanding Mini Schnauzer and still a puppy at heart. He loved giving hugs and kisses and NcDonald’s French fries; Shadow saved me from feeling much grief when I had to put my Smokey to sleep in 2014, so my loss feels even greater now. It’s hard to be at home without him, I see him everywhere, I’m waiting for him to come to paw me to be taken outside, beg for my food or to be underfoot but he’s not coming. I miss him so much that my heart hurts. He was a wonderful, smart, loving baby. I’m trying to take comfort in the fact that he’s no longer suffering and that’s he’s with Smokey now, I just miss him so much. I thank God for my time with him.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m sorry for your loss, Theresa. You are in my thoughts.
I’m terribly sorry for you loss.. you have my most sincere condolences.. I hope you get the power to recover from your loss.. our beloved dog Casper who was only 9.5 years old passed away last Sunday.. he couldn’t get up and walk properly that day but was excited to go for a walk when my dad asked him.. he got up and went near the gate and just sat there.. he tried to get up and walk into the home after a while and collapsed.. he tried again after a few minutes and collapsed again.. and he passed away in like 10-15 minutes.. the vet ran some blood tests a couple months ago and found nothing.. I wasn’t home when this happened.. I brought him home and I wish I could tell him goodbye.. all of us at home are devastated and our daily routine is interrupted.. I work in another country and I had come for vacation and had been to visit my relatives in another city when this happened.. I cannot stop to imagine if I could have somehow stopped this from happening.. i never realized I loved him so much and that I’ll miss him so much.. it was totally unexpected.. I feel guilty for not being here for him.. I’m a complete mess and although my friends and relatives say they get it, they don’t really get it.. I don’t have a friend or someone I know who’s lost a pet which is why I’m here.. after reading all your stories, I realized that I’m not alone in this grieving process.. I hope all of you find a way to deal with your losses and that it gets better a bit each day

Much love,

Kimberly Alt (Admin)
I’m sorry for your loss, Srini.
Our cat died of injuries resulting from a dog attack. Our neighbours dog got hold of him and instead of informing us or bringing him to us they threw him over the wall into an empty plot. He suffered for 3 hours before we found him. The vet did all she could but he died 2 days later. I am struggling to come to terms with it. It happened 5 days ago.
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Oh no, Rene. I am so sorry. Such a terrible story. You are in my thoughts.