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What’s the best dog insurance for a Weimaraner?

I love Weimaraners. They’re loving, trustworthy souls and I would do anything for them. I recently went through a series of difficult medical decisions with my older Weimeraner and am therefore considering pet insurance for my younger pup Sally. Given the uniqueness of the Weimaraner and their specific medical conditions, I’m assuming there may be …

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Custom shape wireless dog fence?

My yard isn’t a traditional rectangle and I want to install a wireless dog fence. Is it possible to have a wireless fence with different angles and different sized areas? Or is it better to just have a rectangle (both for easy installation and easier for the dog to learn boundaries)?

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What is the best Seeing Eye Dog Breed?

What’s the best dog breed for training for the visually impaired? My mother is slowly loosing her eye sight and thought about getting a dog that we could train to help assist her as she gets older and wanted to look into a seeing eye dog for her. Any advice on what the best dog …

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Do service dogs count in HOV lanes?

I’m looking into getting a service dog for my mom but she’s not good in traffic and doesn’t drive much. I’m worried that she’ll think that her dog is also a person if she’s traveling with him and think it’s okay to get in the HOV lane. Does anyone know if dogs (specifically service dogs) …

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