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Has Anyone Used Petplan in Canada?

I live in Canada and am looking for reviews for Petplan. I see they’re your number two pick for pet insurance, but is that information only regarding U.S. experience? I’d love to learn more about how they perform in Canada. Thank you!

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How to Prevent Dog Blindness?

My dog is getting old and her poor eye sight is getting bad but I am hoping I can do something to slow down the process of her going blind. Is there anything I can do to prevent her from loosing her eyesight even more?

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My Dog is Peeing Accidentally

My dog keeps having accidents and is peeing all over the place. Sometimes it is just a trickle while he’s walking around, other times he’s having larger accidents in the house and all over the place. He was potty trained for years so I don’t know why this is happening all the sudden. Been going …

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