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If this is a serious health issue, please consult your veterinarian.

Cavalier Rescue Groups

I am looking to volunteer with a King Charles Cavalier rescue group and was looking for a good and reputable rescue organization, specifically in the Washington DC metro area. Has anyone had any experience volunteering with a rescue organization? How does it work? What’s the experience like? Hoping someone with some experiences can provide some …

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Best Travel Dog Bowl

I’m going to be traveling over the holidays and was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for the best dog bowl for on the go? Something light weight and easy to pack that won’t take up a lot of room. And one that can hold water in addition to food. Thanks in advance for your …

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Do dogs have the same tastes as us?

Over the holidays my family and I were snacking on cheese and crackers. I’m a fan of pepperjack cheese since it has a little kick to it. I gave our family dog a little nibble as a treat, but wondered after if that was ok since it’s a little spicy? Can dogs eat spicy food …

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Does dog poop fertilize grass?

My dog has been going outside to go potty lately because of the cold weather I have been lazy and not going outside with them to clean up after. Wondering if all the poop piling up on the grass is bad for my yard or if it will help? I’ve heard that it can be …

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Why my dog humps other dogs?

I love my dog, but man she loves other dogs (a little too much). I take her to the dog park every once in a while and she’ll go up to them and start humping other people’s dogs out of the blue. It’s very embarrassing as a dog owner to witness this, any ideas what …

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dog super bowl commercials 2015

I wasn’t a big fan of the super bowl commercials this year but in 2015 there were a lot that featured dogs, more than usual. Anyone have a list of all the ads that featured dogs? I loved them so much I want watch them again!

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