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Do pet insurance companies offer well visits?

Why don’t pet insurance companies offer well visits. exams, shots etc. teeth cleaning. you would think they would to help insure people are protecting their pets. These exams can be costly as well. maybe offer a co payment for these types of visits along with your premium. -Linda

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Cheap wireless pet containment system

Anyone know of a good (but affordable) pet containment system for the front yard that’s wireless? We dog sit for a pup and have a fence but it’s very easy to escape. On days when it’s nice it would be great to have him off the leash but don’t want to spend a fortune since …

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Dog dribbling pee

My dog is going on 4yo, and I noticed in the past two or three months she’s starting to do more dribbling after she pees. She is housetrained and goes outside during the day, but she also uses pads during inclement weather and at night because of coyotes nearby and other personal reasons. She will …

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Dog eating poop making her sick?

My dog Savannah has been throwing up undigested food for a week now but shows no other signs of being sick and is still running around playing. We thought it was her eating poop but we are not for sure anymore. We don’t want to take her to the vet unless we absolutely need to …

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Staffy demanding attention

I have a staffy who screams when I am working from home. He gets lots of attention when I am not working, so is not neglected. But as soon as he hears another persons voice cry’s/scremas very loudly as he wants to be able to interact with them . I have tried everything from citronella, …

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lite recipe for dogs

I have a 7 lb chihuahua and a 16 lb chihuahua and a pekingese mix, both are overweight. How much homemade food should I give them? Do you have a lite recipe for dogs? Your reply wood be appreciated! -Joyce

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