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Dog throwing up undigested food

My dog throws up undigested food and white foam within minutes of eating his food. It is a regular occurrence. Almost every meal. I spread his food out over a plate to help I’m slow down, I feed him very small meals throughout the day. Nothing seems to help. -Ashley

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Blue Buffalo Pedigree lawsuit

I just heard that Pedigree sued Blue Buffalo for false advertising for claiming there are no meat “by-products” in their food and that it was proven they do use meat by-products (ground up beaks, claws and even some feathers for example) and that Blue is blaming this on suppliers and still has not addressed it. …

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Can dogs eat bones?

Are all dog bones dangerous to all types of dogs? We have a very healthy Husky/Shepard mix, we have been giving Steak bones to, our current vet says yes to this!! -Dorance Answer Raw bones can still splinter, chip and cause tooth wear down breakage and gum issues. In addition, they increase bacterial load, thus …

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Does dog behavior change with age?

I have three 10 year old dogs. They have been crated since puppies when I’m not home. They are all crated in separate kennels in my bedroom. Recently, one has been trying to get out of the crate and has bent a couple of wires in hopes of escape. I started leaving her out of …

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Anyone have a PetPlate promo code to share?

I remember seeing a version of food delivery like Plated or Blue Apron for dogs…I think it was on Shark Tank? Oh yeah – PetPlate! Okay, so I just went to the site while writing this comment and was going to close this window when I realized I have another question! I’ve got my meal …

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Dog Nail Broke and is Still There (Exposed Quick)

My dog, Sally, still has her dew claws and one of them broke yesterday but is still connected. It has exposed the quick but it isn’t constantly bleeding. There is some dried blood around it from when it initially broke. I’m not quite sure how it happened, I assume it occurred when we were at …

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Dog Aggressive on Leash

We adopted our dog Sally in February 2017. We did an obedience class with her in April 2017 and she did absolutely wonderful besides one thing — she tends to be aggressive on a leash. If we’re walking/running on a trail and pass another dog on a leash she starts lunging and barking at the …

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