Reader's Questions

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If this is a serious health issue, please consult your veterinarian.

Special diet for dog with IBD

I have a rescue, a beautiful standard poodle. I believe he was giving away because he possibly has IBD or other similar problems. Is there any special diet that you can recommend? I also believe he is a victim of over prescribed antibiotics and has a lack of stomach flora as a result. I am …

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Peanut butter yogurt treats safe for dogs to eat?

I saw at a website for making homemade dog treats. One treat was yogurt mixed with peanut butter and then frozen for a doggy ice cream. Would this be safe for my 70 lb. American Bull Dogs? No mention on proportions. I have provided an occasional store bought dog ice treats and they love it. …

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How to get dog to eat kibble without chewing it?

I have an 11 year old Sheltie that is quite overweight. I have researched and found a suitable diet for him. This is a dry food, small kibble form. He is a 40 lb. dog, and is swallowing this kibble whole. It doesn’t seem to bother his digestion, but his teeth are not getting enough …

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Okay for adult dogs to eat puppy food?

i have two dogs at the minute one is 8 the other is 5 so they are eating bakers adult food, they do not have eating times they just always have food out for them and they are very healthy dogs, i am planning to get a puppy but i do not know what to …

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