Reader's Questions

Below our questions submitted by our readers. Feel free to join the discussion on any of those pages, your responses and feedback are welcome!

If this is a serious health issue, please consult your veterinarian.

Dog won’t stay outside without destruction

I have an 8 yr old Great Pyrenees, Casper, that will destroy the house if left outside. It’s usually triggered by distant thunder or fireworks, but not always…he just wants to be in. He will tear the wood door frame out around the back door in attempts to break in. He’s already torn all the …

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Filled Bones Making Dog Sick?

My 6 year old rescued Chesapeake bay retriever (Rudy) has always had health issues but is so loving and playful, even after getting sick. I recently gave him and his 10 year old lab mix friend, small, filled bones. After licking out the filling, the last two nights, he has been vomiting in the early …

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Dog coughing from nylabone

My 25 lb. mini-labradoodle was given a wishbone shaped nylabone. I saw the hard thread like bristles sticking up from the one knob, and decided to take it away. Now the day after she seemed to have throat cough, gagging in the throat, when pulling her leash to get to people walking, and if I …

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Is it safe for dogs eat popcorn?

My five year old Yorker loves, loves too eat popcorn. I give her her maybe 5 or 6 pieces and she has no problems with her stomach, or passing the popcorn. Can you please let me know if it is ok for her to keep having a little popcorn once a week. Thank you! -Corinne

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Mucus in Dog Stool

I have a 10 year old yellow lab and she was experiencing diarrhea for about 4 days and she also had mucus in her stool. I took a sample of stool into the vet and everything came back normal so they suggested that we put her on a rice/hamburger diet. We did that for about …

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