Reader's Questions

Below our questions submitted by our readers. Feel free to join the discussion on any of those pages, your responses and feedback are welcome!

If this is a serious health issue, please consult your veterinarian.

In Need of an Automatic Dog Food Bowl

I’m looking for a dog food bowl for my dog. She gets fed twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The tricky part is, my schedule is never consistent and my work hours vary. So, sometimes I’m not home to give her food to her. Is there an automatic pet …

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Is coconut oil good for dogs?

I am trying to search for answers to questions I have related to giving my dogs coconut oil. Currently, both dogs get several teaspoons of unrefined coconut oil each day with food (a 40 pound female and a 70 pound male). My female is causing havoc with urine on my newly sodded lawn. I am …

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What is the Survival Rate of Parvo in Dogs?

My 9 week old puppy had her first set of shots and has an appointment for second set. She has parvo and the vet said sometimes the first set isn’t enough. He will do everything he can to save her. She was diagnosed the first day of symptoms and I am heartbroken. Can you please …

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Why is my Dog’s Jaw Locking Up?

Why does my black lab mouth seem to lock up when we are playing catch? It started with a stick and now moved on to the ball. He is a good retriever but lately it seems his mouth locks up and he can not open it. I have to pull and twist to get it …

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Does Petsmart Offer Puppy Insurance?

I seem to recall seeing an ad for dog insurance last time I was buying my dog a chew toy in Petsmart. My question is, does Petsmart pet insurance also cover puppies? If not, is there an insurance provider that either specifically covers or that has better rates for a puppy?

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