Reader's Questions

Below our questions submitted by our readers. Feel free to join the discussion on any of those pages, your responses and feedback are welcome!

If this is a serious health issue, please consult your veterinarian.

Does your Petplan Insurance Increase?

Just wondering if any dog owners with older dogs (over 8 years old) who have been with Petplan insurance from the very start when he/she was a puppy, how much has your premium increased each year due to “aging” of your dog, in spite of having no claims at all. And does your premium increase …

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Is it Okay for Dogs to Chew on Ice?

My dog loves chewing ice but I wasn’t sure if it’s bad for his teeth or not? He’s a puppy so he still has his puppy teeth although he loves chewing on everything right now so figured ice at least has water and is hydrating him since it’s Summer. Thanks!

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How To Clip Dog Nails

My dog’s nails are getting really long. I don’t want to spend the money on taking him to a groomer and I’ve always wanted to learn how to do this myself. So, I ask you, how do you trim dog nails?

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Any VPI discount codes?

I’m looking to sign up for VPI pet insurance and noticed a promo code field during the checkout process. Since you guys appear to be pet insurance experts, is there any chance you could share a VPI discount code with me? That would be much appreciated! – George V

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Does VPI pet insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

I’m considering getting VPI pet insurance because our veterinarian recommends them. I’ve found in my preliminary research that dog insurance companies vary on their coverage of pre-existing conditions. Do you guys know if VPI covers pre-existing conditions, and if so, are there any restrictions based on age, breed, etc.? – Debrah T

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Trupanion promo code?

I’ve decided to go with Trupanion for our dog insurance needs. I know they’re not the top ranked pet insurance company in your comparison, but most of the people I go to the dog park with have them and are happy with them. Local word-of-mouth carries a lot of weight in our family. What I’m unable to find is …

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Does pet insurance cover spaying?

We’re in the process of rescuing two dogs from a shelter and they have offered to spay them for a small additional fee (they typically do this right away but apparently they just came off the street). However, we are also planning on getting pet insurance, so we thought we would knock out two birds with one …

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Signs my Dog is Dying

My 11 year old mini poodle is currently in the active stage of dying. She hasn’t eaten anything since 10:00 yesterday morning and it is now 12:20. Around 9:30pm last night, she began to hack and threw up a partially chewed piece of meat. She stopped eating for several days before she became unresponsive. I …

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