Reader's Questions

Below our questions submitted by our readers. Feel free to join the discussion on any of those pages, your responses and feedback are welcome!

If this is a serious health issue, please consult your veterinarian.

Trupanion dog insurance?

Hey Canine Journal! I see that you’re reviewing pet insurance. I notice that you have Trupanion dog insurance as part of your large pet insurance review, but do you also have a review dedicated specifically to Trupanion? I can’t seem to find it on your site. If you have one, would you please direct me …

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Cost of Microchipping Dog

I’ve been wanting to microchip my dog for a while now, but my budget is tight. How much does it cost? Is there a yearly fee involved to keep the registration active? Also, what happens if I move, am I able to update the address?

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Pet Insurance that Covers Pre-Existing Conditions?

Hey there, so my dog is a rescue pup and has a few illnesses that unfortunately came with the territory of adopting an older dog. Since he has existing conditions I’m afraid he’ll be denied insurance or that it will be super expensive! Does anyone know of and/or can recommend a pet insurance company that …

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Does Kroger offer pet insurance?

Am I imagining things or does Kroger (the grocery chain) offer pet insurance? I could’ve sworn when I was just in there today buying groceries that I saw an ad for pet insurance, but I have trouble imagining they’re the ones actually offering it?

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Can you Compost Dog Poop?

I’m starting a compost for my garden this spring and was wondering if it’s okay to add my dog’s poop? I figured it would be okay but wasn’t sure if it would hurt or have any negative effects on my fertilizer for my plants. Any other fellow dog owners with green thumbs know?

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How to Get Dog Pee out of Carpet?

First time puppy owner here. I love the little guy, but he is peeing everywhere! I’m trying to keep him on the tile, but he has definitely peed a lot in the carpet. What is my best option for getting the dog pee out of the carpet? I’m hoping I don’t have to go out …

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What’s the Deal with Nationwide Dog Insurance?

I recently got a new puppy and started to research pet insurance. I’ve had Nationwide car insurance for a while now and I thought it would make sense to look at them first. The research is strange, it looks like they are a new pet insurance company or perhaps they bought another company? I keep seeing …

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What Dog Played Cujo?

My friend and I are in a bit of a disagreement. We were talking about Cujo last night and she said the dog who played Cujo was a St. Bernard. I always thought Cujo was a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. It’s driving us both crazy. We looked it up and saw that Wikipedia said St. …

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hearing aids for dogs

My poor pup Chase is getting old and his hearing is getting really bad. Whenever I call him he doesn’t come anymore and he won’t do tricks like he used to. I know it is just part of the aging process but was wondering if they sell dog hearing aids and if so how well …

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