Reader's Questions

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If this is a serious health issue, please consult your veterinarian.

Do neutered dogs live longer?

I have a Jack Russell Terrier. She is 11 years old. My vet said that if I get her neutered now, she will live longer and will not get breast cancer etc. Is this true? I want my little one around forever, but I don’t want to put her thru any unnecessary surgeries.

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Healthy Paws promotion or discount?

Based on my research I’m between Healthy Paws and Pet Plan for my dog insurance needs. I was able to find a coupon code for PetPlan, but not for Healthy Paws. Any chance you guys are able to hook me up with a promo code for Healthy Paws pet insurance?

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How Can I Stop My Dog From Chasing Rabbits?

Every time I let my dog out in the back yard for a potty break she chases rabbits. She is constantly searching for them. We have this bush in the backyard where they hide in a lot of the times and she immediately goes to that part of the yard. About 25% of the time …

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Why do dogs eat cat poop and litter?

I think it’s so strange that my dog Larry gets into the cat’s litter box to eat her litter. It’s kind of disturbing too since there is poop in there he nibbles on. Is it okay for him to eat? I’m sure it is, but just wondering why they do it and if anyone else …

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