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How to tell if my dog is pregnant?

Hey there – I’ve heard lots of dog owners who don’t have their pet spayed or neutered and all the sudden end up with a litter of puppies – without any warning. Are there signs or symptoms we should look for? I know the more logical thing to do would be to get my dog …

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Dog Peeing While Sleeping

This is a somewhat odd behavior but my dog seems to be wetting the bed in his sleep. He’s pretty old (around 10) so it might just be his age since it just recently started happening but has anyone else had a similar experience and know how to solve it?

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Are nuts and seeds bad for dogs?

I’ve heard that both nuts and seeds are bad for dogs. Is this because they might choke on them, or is there an actual health (i.e. are they toxic) concern? And does this cover all nuts and seeds or only those from certain fruits? For example, strawberries, tomatoes, grapes, and cucumbers all have seeds – …

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Anti Bark Collar For Dogs?

I can’t get my dog’s barking under control and I’m investigating anti bark collar for dogs. I’d be curious to hear if anyone has any experience with these collars. Are they worth it? Are they humane?

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