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Looking for allianz pet insurance reviews

I heard from my sister that pet insurance is a good idea. She mentioned a company called Allianz or Alliance or something like that. Does anyone know anything about them and maybe willing to share reviews of their allianz pet insurance membership? Trying to figure out the best company and whether it’s worth it to …

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I'm Hesitant To Try Taste of the Wild Dog Food

My dog has really bad allergies and my vet suggested grain free dog food. I’m looking around online and there are a lot of great reviews for Taste of the Wild dog food. I’m a little nervous though, the packaging is so weird with the wolves. My little dog certainly is not a wolf! Will …

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Dog Park Directory

I recently moved to DC and am looking for a place to take my dog – in Austin (where I moved from) there were tons of dog parks and a huge dog community. Does anyone know of any sites and/or resources for dog owners in the District of Columbia? Thanks!

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How to tell if my dog is pregnant?

Hey there – I’ve heard lots of dog owners who don’t have their pet spayed or neutered and all the sudden end up with a litter of puppies – without any warning. Are there signs or symptoms we should look for? I know the more logical thing to do would be to get my dog …

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Dog Peeing While Sleeping

This is a somewhat odd behavior but my dog seems to be wetting the bed in his sleep. He’s pretty old (around 10) so it might just be his age since it just recently started happening but has anyone else had a similar experience and know how to solve it?

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