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If this is a serious health issue, please consult your veterinarian.

What is the Best Pet Insurance for Dogs?

My dog Jelly Bean is a rascal! He is a two year old Jack Russell Terrier mix and never fails to amaze me with the trouble he can get into! Which is exactly why I am considering getting pet insurance. His minor scratches are starting to cost me a lot of money. I probably shouldn’t …

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Steps Involved When Changing Dog Food?

What steps should I take when changing my dogs food from one brand to another? I think I’ve read that it is not a good idea to just do it all at once. It is better to spread it out over a few days or weeks, but I’m not sure of the proper schedule.

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Best Place Online For Dog Food With Free Shipping?

I’ve never bought dog food online, but I understand there are some pretty good deals. It seems like the biggest expense would be shipping. Where is the best place to get free shipping? If shipping is free, is the price of dog food generally marked up from what you find it for in the store?

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Why does my dog eat trash?

My dog has started eating the trash lately. I had to hide the kitchen trash in a closet and pick up all the trash cans in the bathrooms and put them on the counter. What a pain! But, I am worried about what she may be eating out of the trash and how it could …

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Anyone have a Petplan promotion code?

First I like to say thank you for your in-depth pet insurance reviews. The comparison table in particular provided me with the missing information I was having trouble finding and placing side-by-side so I could get a price comparison based on coverage levels, etc. I like in particular that Petplan publishes some of their coverage …

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Is it ok if my dog eats strawberries?

I grow strawberries in my garden and my dog sneaks in there sometimes and eats them! I still love her though 😉 But I wonder, is it ok that she eats these strawberries? Could it harm her? Should I try to put a fence up around the garden so she doesn’t get into it?

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Tips for Cat and Dog Getting Along

I recently got a new dog and she is the sweetest thing ever however my cat can’t stand her. Ever since getting Sheba, my cat Buster won’t come out from under the bed. She’s scared obviously and feels intimidated perhaps that there is another animal in the house? I am torn what to do and …

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