Reader's Questions

Below our questions submitted by our readers. Feel free to join the discussion on any of those pages, your responses and feedback are welcome!

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What should I expect with a new puppy?

I’m wanting to surprise my wife with a puppy for her birthday. We’ve been married a little over a year and we’ve talked about getting a puppy as a small step towards having kids. I thought a puppy might make a great birthday gift. However, I’m not sure what exactly to expect. We both love …

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Any Healthy Paws pet insurance complaints?

Despite your number one pick Petplan, most of my friends have signed up with Healthy Paws, so I’m leaning towards them. However, for any Internet purchase I always search to see how many complaints are out there. I thought I’d check with the Canine Journal forum community to see if anyone has any Healthy Paws …

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I need help naming my son’s dog

I found a wonderful dog at a shelter that I am planning to adopt for my son. He’s wanted a dog of his own for a while now and his birthday is coming up so I thought it’d be a great gift for him. The dog is just over 1 year old and is a …

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What are the Best Songs About Dogs?

I’m working on making a video compilation about dogs and was looking for some good songs about dogs. Obviously, “You Ain’t Nothing But a Houndog” by Elvis comes to mind, but what are some other good/classic dog songs? Please help me come up with some good ones! Thanks.

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