Does your Petplan Insurance Increase?

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Just wondering if any dog owners with older dogs (over 8 years old) who have been with Petplan insurance from the very start when he/she was a puppy, how much has your premium increased each year due to “aging” of your dog, in spite of having no claims at all. And does your premium increase if you do have a claim?

What is your current premium per month for your older pure breed dog? I have a 3 year old pure bred boxer neutered male with zero claims last 3 years, yet they have increased my premium from this year.

Any advice will be very much appreciated! Thanks a million in advance.

– A very Worried pet parent

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I have been a customer of Pet Plan for over 15 years in Australia and 15 years in the UK. Over 30 years of loyalty.
$77.73 I paid per month. I received my policy renewal last week and to my absolute horror and disgust my premiums have gone up to $155.00 per month. Double what I was paying. I emailed to ask why the huge price rise and I received a pathetic email back telling me that drugs are now more expensive and veterinary equipment and that’s why. I emailed back and requested you cancel my policy and expressed my dismay and shock at belong asked to pay almost the same as my own personal health insurance. Its ridiculous and unjustifiable, A 50% INCREASE IN PREMIUMS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. They emailed me back and simply said thank you for your email we have cancelled your policy.
After so may years loyalty I would have expected at the very least a phone call to discuss what if any other options there were. But no. Your greedy, you couldn’t care less about your loyal customers and you care even less about the animals you profess to insure. I hope every customer who has had a 50% increase dumps your crap service and goes to the RSPCA – Who by the way can offer me the same policy for $66.00 per month.
Hi, I also have a Boxer who will turn 8 years old this year. My Petplan which was an extortionate $98 per month increased to an absolutely astonishing $255.00. Needless to say I cancelled immediately. I managed to find a similar policy with a different company for $89.00 per month however I will no longer be covered for any previous ailments my dog has already been treated for.
My Petplan insurance nearly doubled this year for a 2.5 year old dog. It went up 10% in the first year but Now has risen to over $120 per month. Had previously been very happy with their service (had one accident claim when he was a pup at 6 months old and nothing since. Interestingly enough, had him at the vet tonight and when I mentioned it they asked if I was with PetPlan. I think they’ll lose plenty of business, especially from those with younger dogs that can move, i’ll be one of them.
I’d love to see an inquiry into the pet insurance industry. It almost costs more to insure my dog than it does me!
Petplan has just unilaterally increased the insurance on our four year old dog (we have never made a claim) by nearly 90%. As we have two dogs and cannot carry this kind of outlay we have cancelled our policy.
We were unhappy with the way in which Petplan communicated the increase. An e-mail was sent renewing our policy but, although the new premium was given, the e-mail did not refer to or explain the large increase. We will not insure with Petplan again.
Petplan insurance has doubled
I have been with Pet Plan since my dog was a puppy. Their customer service is AWESOME!! My premium too doubled…. now $1,309.09 per year. The deductible went from $200 for 100% coverage to $400 per incident for 90% coverage.

When I spoke to them, and I might add they could not have been nicer, I was told the underwriters they used to use went out of the pet insurance business and they were forced to find another underwriter. She told me I was not alone in my decision to drop the insurance.

As of today I dropped my policy. Good Luck everyone

Petplan just raised our rate by 80% after being with them for 10 years. Sadly we can no longer afford insurance for my lab. We will be getting another dog soon and will be staying far away from Petplan.
Hi @A very worried pet parent… So I am not sure if you found your answer yet, but I unfortunately found out first hand this week! My pet turned 8 in Jan and our plan renews in Feb. We have been with PetPlan since we rescued her (about 7 yrs ago), the policy was great, and only had to be used 2x this past year. Well according to PP they said that they had some internal changes with underwriters, etc. So now my plan has almost doubled in premium and they have lowered the coverage, and increased deductible 150%. Needless to say, they didn’t send me these changes in advance to my policy renewing and took it upon themselves to renew and now I am stuck with a very expensive policy for this year. Good luck!
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Petplan recently changed its underwriter to XL Specialty Insurance Company, which is why premiums have recently gotten higher. You can read more about this in this article: Be sure to read the comments too, Petplan has explained the change further in the comments section.
Denise Rost Ahola
I’ve had PetPlan since getting my Border Terrier 8 years ago. The premium has gone up about 25% in the past two years, and I am beginning to consider whether it’s worth it. Of course, pet insurance seems more important as the pet gets older so I’m in a quandry. My premium was $205 when I started my policy in 2008; it’s no $664 (last December). Since I now have two dogs and a cat, the premiums are getting out of hand. I haven’t taken out pet insurance on my newer dog yet; the cat is less expensive than the dogs, and she’s 11.