Petsmart dog insurance?

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Were you guys aware that Petsmart offers pet insurance? I can’t seem to find any reference of this on Canine Journal. I’d be real curious to know how Petsmart compares to the other providers you review on your website.

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I cannot get the PetSmart insurance for my Eskie (American Eskimo) because she had seizures for 2 years. Their ban is permanent. I was going to register her under my private, pet name for her but after looking at all the consumer complaints. Apparently, the vets (according to hundreds of online complaints, not necessarily in all their locations) add fees on at each and every visit. One person had vet charges when she brought her fur-baby in for grooming!
I have Petsmart pet care. It’s NOT insurance, btw. You pay a monthly fee (mine is about $35 per dog) and they provide services, tests, shots, twice yearly physicals and an annual teeth cleaning. Most meds not associated with vaccines are 10% off. I’ve had the pet care plan for several years, I think my dogs are healthier for it. Nothing gets put off & my local Banfields calls me when it’s time for a physical (they get two per year.)

If you decide to get with the plan, you will probably have a young female veterinarian. You are assigned a vet. Only bad thing is that Banfields is place where new vets get experience and then they move on. I’ve liked all my newly minted DVM’s, they are sensitive to the pets’ comfort and are usually up to date in training and knowledge.

Alex Schenker (Admin)
Thanks for sharing your experience with us Brian, this is very helpful information for those considering Petsmart for their pet health needs! Not to mention it clears the air on the “insurance vs pet care” question.