It’s been a couple of days, my puppy doesn’t want to eat..

Hi! I have a 6th month old puppy, (mixbreed of shih tzu and japanese spitz) She’s not eating for a couple of days. and she’s vomitting with a yellowish fluid. She dont have any diarrhea but in a day she vomits twice a day. On the second night I brought her to the vet and decided her to be confined and on the next morning the vet did do blood test and the result was all normal and according to her no signs of Parvo Virus. But she want to make sure that its not a Parvo. She suggested us to to do some parvo test. We brought our puppy home with us with a fluid therapy. The vet did gave us some IV prescriptions, and am just the one personally doing it and now its her 4th day of still not eating. But sometimes using a syringe w/out needle i put a small amount of honey and water just to gave her something. Because up to now she still doesnt want to eat and am so affraid to lose her.

We will have some Parvo test soon. Does anyone here have also some situation like ours?

Thank you.

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