Puppy not recovering from surgery

I have a yorkie terrier puppy. he did not eat and drink for 3 days. I took him to vet they did all tests(blood test, stool test, viruses, X-rays), they saw somethings on his xray in his small intestine. the vet diagnose blood blockage or an object. she sent us for ultrasound. the vet who did the ultrasound told me we need to surgery because it is so dangerous. I paid a lot of money
which is really important but my puppy is important than the money. they did the surgery but they did not find anything in his body not even blood blockage. they cut him from top to down his stomach. now after 2 weeks he is not doing well. he is not eating good and he is throwing up and sometimes he has darria. I don’t know what should I do. please help me, I don’t like to go to the vet I don’t trust them anymore.
thank you so much for your time

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Canine Journal
Sepi, so sorry to hear about your poor pup, he’s been through a lot, sounds like you have too! We’d recommend getting a second opinion from another vet. Especially with something this serious. Hopefully you have pet insurance too to help offset some of the costs. Hope your dog gets to feeling better soon!
sepideh mehmandostkilvaei
Thank you so much. No, I did not have insurance on that time but right now I get the insurance from banfield. I already visited 2 another vet but they are telling me base on his biopsy, he has just gastritis, but they did not recommend any medicine for him and thay told me it is not so serious.