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Recurrence considered pre existing condition pet insurance?

Our dog recently had spinal surgery. The vet had advised us an injury with no additional reoccurrence for a year is no longer considered a pre-existing condition? Is this true and is it the same for all pet insurances?


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Melissa at Healthy Paws
Melissa at Healthy Paws

Donna, you should contact the pet insurance company of interest to get this particular stance regarding pre-existing conditions since each company may be slightly different.


How can a vet decide what is a pre-existing condition? That definition comes from the pet health insurance underwriters.

Kimberly Alt
Kimberly Alt

Most vets determine pre-existing conditions by doing an evaluation within a certain amount of time before coverage begins. It’s similar to a physical for people but it’s for dogs instead and the vet checks to make sure there are no issues to be concerned about.