Shock collar to train dog to get off furniture

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My dog growls at me when I ask him to get off the furniture/bed. (I don’t want him jumping up on furniture). Can I use a bark collar to control him to get him to stop growling at me? – Cathy

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I have a 6 mo old lab mix who is generally doing well with her crate training; i put her in it twice a day for naps and quiet time(so the cat can get some rest). When she was much smaller, I allowed her to sleep in my bed with me. Now, however, she is just too big. She has been pretty good about going into her crate when i turn off the lights, but lately she has growled at me and, last night, snapped at me as well. I had to push her off the bed using the pillows she had snuggled up against. I have a friend who uses a shock collar for training and I cannot get my head around that. Just not going to do it. So, I am just going to keep on with the treats and maybe, instead of letting her come up on the bed to watch movies with me, I will have to keep her off the bed entirely. Any thoughts?