Should i be worried about dog throwing up human food?

My dog for some reason wasn’t hardly eating then he got a hold of table human food left overs and has been trowing up every time he eats is been 4 days now. He looks very sad but still wants to eat. Should I be worried?

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Good Guy
Your absolute best answer is to feed your dog a quality dog food. The moment you even switch brands, the dog will throw up, get the runs, or lose fur. Even switching brands needs to be done gradually, transitioning the dog from one food to another as they gradually adapt. Giving people food, although many do, to your dog is a no-no. Besides, you will go to eat and your dog will drool, thinking it’s going to get fed. So too they begin to beg which is not good either.
Canine Journal
Mari, sorry to hear your dog is ill. Any change in dog food can upset dog’s stomachs. Try soft food or one of our homemade dog food recipes that are made with human food to see if that helps. Hope your dog gets to feeling better soon!