Stores Where You Can Black Friday Shop With Your Pet

Wondering if I can take my pup shopping with me for some holiday shopping on Black Friday. Anyone know of some good stores that allow dogs?

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Canine Journal (Admin)
Although it’s not highly advertised on their websites or storefronts, these shops are typically known for being dog-friendly. So long as your pup behaves well in public and around large crowds, you can plan to have a furry shopping companion at these places come Black Friday. (Note: although corporate doesn’t mandate the rules managers or local laws can sometimes enforce their own policies, so be sure to call ahead and check beforehand).

Macy’s – usually allows pets as long as you don’t access via inside a Mall entrance. Some Macy’s stores might even carry pet accessories and toys so you can pick up something for Fido too!

Apple Stores – shopping for the latest iPhone X or Apple Watch? Bring Fido with you to help keep you company while waiting in line for the genius bar and to keep you calm through all the chaos. (Note: stores must be accessible via outside not ones within malls).

Home Depot and Lowes – although not typically known for their Black Friday sales, both home improvement stores are 100% dog-friendly. Their big box, wide-aisle layouts have plenty of room to have your dog tag along as you pick up the latest home gadgets, tools and holiday decor.

Old Navy – this laid-back, fun brand has a great attitude when it comes to pets too. If you’re looking for a steal in fashion, bring your dog along to help find the right fit and get a second opinion. This also goes for their family of brands including Gap, and Anthropologie and their sister stories Urban Outfitters and Free People.