Switching Pet Insurance As Dog Gets Older?

I’ve an almost 6 month old non-neutered male pomeranian. Currently he is on the Banfield pet insurance which has been great for all his intro vaccination. As he is getting older and more active i want to make sure i am covered for any accident and am confused what would be the next insurance to either add or switch to for him. He currently doesn’t have any issues and is in great shape as per his vet but one never knows. I would prefer not to pay multiple insurance but if it makes sense in the long run i’m willing to go with that. any advice is highly appreciated.


You could keep Banfield and sign up for Healthy Paws pet insurance (our #1 pick for pet insurance), so your dog is covered for any future accidents or illnesses he may experience as well as the current wellness benefits he receives through Banfield. This would mean you’d be paying two companies, Banfield and Healthy Paws, which I saw you’d prefer not to do. That brings me to option #2.

Option #2, is that you drop your Banfield plan and sign up for Pets Best pet insurance (our #2 pick for pet insurance, which also has a wellness plan option). This option means you’ll be paying only one company to have wellness items covered as well as pet insurance items covered.

Below are some resources I’d recommend you read to help you make your decision:

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– Sadie, CanineJournal.com

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