What Should I Do if My Dog Dies at Home?

Our dog is close to passing away. I know our vet can help us deal with this event but what if he passes when they are closed? Where do you take a dog who has passed away until you get them to the vet? Thank you.


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Canine Journal
Mark, we’re so sorry to hear about your poor pup. In the event he does pass after hours, please put him in the freezer to preserve him as much as possible.
Lynn Holtz
Somehow I am not seeing the family food freezer as a safe and healthy place to store the dead dog. I’ve worked in hospitals. We are not even allowed to store our lunch in the same fridge as medicines and patient food. All but one of my lifetime of pets died at home. The one was put down by the vet. The others were buried in the back yard a good depth and at some distance from the house with a little back-to-basics ceremony.